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  • First time users must create a new account.
  • Enter your email address and click "Create Account" to have a password sent to your email. Then come back to the enrollment page and enter your account username email address and your password in the "Log in to Your Account" panel.
  • Once inside the form, if we recognize your email from previous enrollments you may see an Athlete or Emergency Contact to choose from. Otherwise, select "Create New" Athlete or Emergency Contact.
  • Then select a Program Category: "School Partnerships" are programs for schools like REALMS and Montessori Center of Bend, where the programs are exclusively offered to those students. All other programs, camps and trips are under Climbing, Nordic or Cycling.
  • You can add programs from each discipline to the cart for the Athlete. Currently, you must checkout and return to register another Athlete.
  • Your email address creates a "Family Group" within our system so we can attempt to track parents and multiple children under a single account. Please use the same email address each time you login or your account may become fragmented, which we have to fix manually.
  • Known issues: Javascript is required; Windows version XP and older do not work with the Explorer browser -- try Chrome or Firefox; some touch screen devices with stock browsers have render issues -- try Chrome, Safari or Firefox on your mobile device.
  • We DO NOT have online payment at this time.
  • You will be directed to a "Thank You" page and will receive a confirmation email when your enrollment is completed.
  • Email or call us if you cannot successfully enroll.