User Account Explained:

  1. View Current and Recent Enrollments for everyone in your User Account
  2. Create and manage Individuals: use the Profile Boxes below to create and edit details.
  3. Manage User Account Email, Athlete Emails & Physical Addresses
  4. Once Individuals are saved, proceed to the Enrollment Form
  5. Any Enrollment Balance Due will show up below: you can apply a payment to that balance in full or edit the AMOUNT box to make an online payment as part of your Payment Plan.

Notes and Tips:

  • You cannot see Credits available here — they are managed in QuickBooks offline. Please check with your Program Director about any credits before you enroll. Once approved, you may enroll and apply the credit by adjusting the AMOUNT box on the enrollment form.
  • Make an Online Payment: adjust the AMOUNT box on this page or during enrollment on the Enrollment Form to make a partial payment.
  • You cannot delete Enrollments, your User Account or Individuals on your own — please email us to make those changes.
  • Duplicate Accounts: If you do not see the Individuals or Enrollments you’ve made in the past it’s possible you’ve created a duplicate account. Email your Program Director to have it fixed.