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Tour de Meissner: Feb 12

The Tour de Meissner is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 12! Help support grooming at Meissner by enjoying a race or tour with the family! The 2011 Tour de Meissner —  a family-friendly, one-day ski festival —  at Meissner Sno Park on Saturday, February 12th. Skiers may choose skate or classic technique and may either […]

BNT Helps TLC at Meissner Sno-Park

On this President’s Day weekend, some BNT skiers and coaches volunteered their time as trail hosts at Meissner Sno-Park. By greeting and mingling with visitors and providing hot drinks BNT hopes to encourage people to donate to the grooming fund. Tumalo Langlauf Club sponsors all of the grooming at Meissner and they’re hoping to purchase […]