The Bend Endurance Academy Climbing Program strives to be at the forefront of youth climbing.  Our programs are designed to inspire and fuel the next generation of climbers and focus on developing well-rounded climbers who respect the climbing community and excel in the sport.  

The BEA climbing team consistently has climbers qualify and compete at the national level and has been one of the top 10 youth teams at national championships.

Our climbing coaches bring over 30 years of sport-specific knowledge to the program combined with a professional and holistic approach to coaching and mentoring youth.  We are committed to providing a safe and encouraging place for individuals to grow as athletes. We value; hard work, commitment to the team, respect for the sport, and a willingness to continually strive for improvement. Our coaches work hard to be the coach that each individual needs on any given day and support our athletes in all aspects of their development.

Our indoor climbing programs will operate in our own youth specific climbing center which serve as Bend Endurance Academy’s primary office.  With the plentiful crags and boulders in the Central Oregon area, we also offer the option of outdoor climbing trips to the world-class Smith Rock State Park and other local crags.

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Competition Teams

Competition Teams

Our competition climbing teams are designed for the motivated and driven youth climber who is looking for professional coaching in a fun and supportive environment.  Our coaches spend time guiding each of the athletes towards being the best climber they can be while pursuing their individual climbing goals.

The Competition Teams train and compete in USA Climbing sanctioned climbing competitions at the Local, Regional, Divisional, National, and International level.

Comp Team members must be willing to commit to a two day a week training schedule and are required to compete in USA Climbing Qualifying Events and Regional Championships. 

Permission of the Climbing Director is required in order to participate on these teams. If you have any questions about this program please contact:

2022/2023 Season Info

  • Must have previously competed in a USA Climbing Regional Championship
  • Participants must have their own climbing shoes, harness and chalk bag
  • Must have valid Bend Rock Gym membership

What’s Included:

  • Coaching at scheduled Comp Team practices
  • Coaching at Regional, Divisional, and National Championships
  • Team T-shirt or Tank
  • Access to discounted climbing equipment through industry partners
  • Optional additional 12 week training plan (boulder focused, Fall ‘22)

What’s Not Included:

  • Bend Rock Gym Membership
  • USA Climbing membership
  • Competition entry fees
  • Travel, entry fees, and/or coaching fees at local competitions

Dates: September 12th – May 26th.

Middle School/High School Competition Team

Grades 7 to 12

  • Monday/Wednesday group: Mon. 5:00-8:00 | Wed. 2:30-5:00
  • Tuesday/Thursday group: Tues. 5:00-8:00 | Thurs. 5:00-8:00

Tuition: $4,000 (payment plans available with deposit)

Contact Cate at if you are looking to start later in the season for a prorated rate.

Elementary Competition Team

 Grades 3 to 6

  • January 9 – May 26, 2023
  • Monday/Thursday: 3:00-5:00

Tuition: $1100 (payment plans available with deposit)

Contact Cate at if you are looking to start later in the season for a prorated rate.

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Development Teams

Development Teams

Our Development Teams are designed for youth aged climbers with previous climbing experience who are looking for an introduction to a performance and competition based climbing program.

Our coaches have developed these programs to help youth with the passion for climbing excel. Participants will be introduced to the physical, technical, and tactical aspects of performance based climbing in a fun and developmentally appropriate way.

Previous climbing experience is required and we encourage you to contact our Climbing Program Director to make sure this program is an appropriate fit for your climber. If you have a newer climber please check out the great youth programs at Bend Rock Gym

Program Info

  • Must have previous climbing experience
  • Must have their own climbing shoes, chalk bag, and harness
  • Must maintain a current and valid Bend Rock Gym membership

Middle/High School Development Team

Winter/Spring Term

Dates: January 27 – May 23, 2023

  • Friday: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Tuition: $700 (payment plans available with deposit)

Contact Cate at if you are looking to start later in the season for a prorated rate.

Elementary  Development Team

Winter/Spring Term

Dates: January 23 – May 23, 2023

  • Tuesday: 3:00pm -5:00pm


Tuition: $700 (payment plans available with deposit)

Contact Cate at if you are looking to start later in the season for a prorated rate.

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Climbing Trips

Road trips are the highlight of every climber’s career.  Join us and hit the road for traveling, camping, climbing and tons of good times. All trips start and end in Bend, OR at Bend Endurance Academy offices. Trips are open to youth climbers from any team that fit the age and ability requirements. Please contact if you have questions about which trip is appropriate for you.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Trips Coming Soon!

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Spring Outdoor Programs

Spring Break Bishop Bouldering 

Time to grab our crash pads and head out on our annual trip to some of the best boulders in the country! We will spend a week climbing and camping with our teammates. Additional information will be provided upon registration. Registration restricted to athletes in Youth B – Junior categories. If you have any questions, please email

Spring Break Smith Rock 

Climb with us on a series of day trips to Smith Rock to provide a fun and engaging experience during spring break. Our head coach for the week, Michael, is an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, AMGA Aspirant Rock Guide, and certified Wilderness First Responder. Take advantage of the awesome spring sending temps, and get outside with us! Our coaches will facilitate a fun and safe learning experience for all levels.

We will meet at the Bend Endurance Academy offices at 9am, and transportation to and from Smith Rock will be provided in 10 passenger vans. Pick up will be back at the BEA office at 3pm.

If you need to borrow any climbing gear, or if you have any other questions about the program, please let us know by emailing the Climbing Director,


Spring Outdoor Programs-


Wednesday Outdoor Climbing Program 

This program offers our participants the opportunity to gain experience with outdoor climbing. Our coaches will pick up participants from the BEA office, take them climbing, and have them back in time for dinner. This program is a great contrast to our indoor programs, with the focus on the love for the outdoors, good climbing ethics, technical skills, and learning to climb outside. Our guides will take participants to Smith Rock State Park and other local climbing areas around Bend.

Elementary, Middle, and High School April Day Trips

Climb with us on a day trip to provide a fun and engaging experience for our development team programs during spring break. Our coaches (who are also AMGA guides!) will facilitate a fun and safe learning experience for all levels. Take those skills you have learned indoors and apply them outside!
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Summer 2023 Programs

Starting Summer 2023 ALL Indoor Climbing Programs Will Be Held in BEA’s Youth Climbing Center!

Boulder Intensives

Boulder Intensives will help young athletes develop mental tactics, physical techniques, and movement skills to help them succeed in the gym, at competitions and in the outdoors. Over the course of two days, work with coaches to address strengths and weaknesses, and learn new ways to improve your bouldering skills.

Coaching from Mike Rougeux and Cate Beebe. Youth-specific routesetting for onsights and projecting by Joey Jannsen (USAC Level 4), Cate Beebe (USAC Level 2), and qualified guest setters.

Climbing in the V4-V8+ range is required.

Dates for Middle School: 

July 19-20

July 26-27

August 9-10

Dates for High School: 

August 2-3

August 16-17

Middle and High School | $125


Summer Sessions

Come climb with us during summer session! We’ll climb at The Academy from 10:30-12:30 every Tuesday from July 18-August 29. Included will be climbing technique and movement drills, on and off wall workouts, and projecting time. This is a great way to keep your climbing skills sharp throughout the summer! BEA comp team and development team athletes only.

Elementary to High School | $280


Summer Open Gym Hours Add On

Wednesdays: 2pm-5pm

Thursdays: 2pm-5pm

Fridays: 9:30am-1:30pm

Open to any athlete enrolled in a BEA program, this membership allows access to all our open gym hours over the summer (July 18-August 29)!

Please note- if you were a comp team member during spring 2023, you do not need to purchase this membership.

All ages | $60


In&Out Program

This program offers our participants the opportunity to gain experience with both indoor and outdoor climbing. We will climb at The Academy on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00am-10:00am. On Thursday, our coaches will pick up participants from The Academy at 8am and head out to Smith Rock until 3pm pick-up at The Academy. This program is a great way to gain experience both indoor and outdoor climbing, with the focus on the love for the outdoors, learning basic climbing movement and technical skills, and learning to climb outside. Some climbing experience is helpful. 


July 11-13 (2nd – 6th grades)

July 25-27 (2nd – 6th grades)

August 8-10 (2nd – 6th grades)

August 22-24 (4th – 8th grades)


2nd – 8th grades | $185


Indoor Camp

Our Indoor Camps are designed for young climbers who are looking for an introduction to indoor climbing in a movement oriented, skills based camp. We will meet from Tuesday to Thursday at The Academy, and spend time working on bouldering skills and techniques. Participants will be introduced to the physical, technical, and tactical aspects of bouldering in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. Some climbing experience is helpful, but not required.


July 18-20 8am-10am

August 1-3 3pm-5pm

August 15-17 8am-10am

August 29-31 3pm-5pm


2nd – 6th grades | $125


MTB Program Indoor Add On!

Come climb at BEA for the afternoon! After lunch, learn the basics of climbing movement and technique with our climbing coaches! Take advantage of our new, BEA program-specific climbing facility to beat the afternoon heat (we’re air conditioned!), and add another activity after your morning ride. Transportation will be provided from the trailhead to the BEA climbing center. Pick up will be at the facility at 222 SE Reed Market Rd.


Outdoor Camp

This program offers our participants the opportunity to gain experience with outdoor climbing. Our coaches will pick up participants from The Academy at 8am, take them climbing, and be back for pickup at 3pm. This program is a great contrast to our indoor programs, with the focus on the love for the outdoors, good climbing ethics, technical skills, and learning to climb outside. Our guides will take participants to Smith Rock State Park and other local climbing areas around Bend. Some climbing experience is required.


July 18-20 (4th – 8th grades)

August 1-3 (2nd – 6th grades)

August 15-17 (2nd – 6th grades)

August 29-31 (2nd – 6th grades)


2nd – 8th grades | $400


Adult Programs

Individual Training Plans

We’ve found that many climbers need an objective look at their climbing and a personalized approach to their training in order to help them reach their goals.  These custom plans are perfect for a climber who is looking to break through that plateau, send their long term project, increase their climbing fitness, or get ready for an upcoming trip or climbing season.All of the below options include a 90 minute Climbing Assessment with written and video review of your climbing,  a specific amount of private sessions, and two custom workouts per week for you to do on your own.  All of the workouts will be accessible via a web and app based platform to give you access to the exercises and descriptions while you’re in the gym training.

4 Week Tune Up

  • 90 Minute Assessment
  • Written and Video Analysis
  • Four week tune up plan meant to target specific area i.e; power, strength, power endurance, etc
  • $250

6 Week Training

  • 90 Minute Assessment
  • Written and Video Analysis
  • Custom training plan
  • Custom weekly workouts
  • One private (90min) coaching sessions
  • $350

8 Week Training

  • 90 Minute Assessment
  • Written and Video Analysis
  • Custom training plan
  • Custom weekly workouts
  • Two private (90min) coaching sessions
  • $425

12 Week Training

  • 90 Minute Assessment
  • Written and Video Analysis
  • Custom training plan
  • Custom weekly workouts
  • Three private (90min) coaching sessions
  • $500
Contact to schedule your session today!
Private Indoor and Outdoor Coaching for Youth and Adults

Private Indoor Coaching Sessions

A private coaching session allows for a more individualized approach and perspective for the climber.  These 90 minute sessions will focus on targeting individual weaknesses and inefficient movement patterns.
  • Youth: Private sessions are perfect for our youth climbers on any BEA Youth Climbing Team to receive more individualized attention. Private sessions are also available to any experienced youth climber looking to increase their movement skills, identify weakness or prep for an upcoming competition.
  • Adults:  Many adult climbers can benefit from an objective analysis of their climbing movements and their tactical approach to climbing. Private sessions can include: movement skills, basic programming or planning of training for climbing, tactical and psychological approach to climbing, goal identification and planning, and more.
Cost: $90 per 90 min session

Climbing Assessment for Youth or Adults

Our climbing assessments have been developed over the course of coaching climbing for over 15 years and are designed to provide you with a path towards improving your performance.Climbing Assessment Includes:
  • 90 minute in person climbing evaluation
  • Written climbing evaluation with suggested areas to focus on
  • Video analysis from climbing session
Cost: $100

Private and Small Group Outdoor Guiding for Youth

Hiring one of our youth coaches and guides is a great way to give  youth climbers some experience climbing outdoors. Our coaches and guides work year round with youth climbers in the indoor and competition realm and are highly skilled in getting kids on appropriate routes for their size and ability on boulders and sport climbs.
Cost:1 Person: $180 Half Day – $220 Full Day2 People: $140 Half Day – $180 Full Day3 People $120 Half Day – $160 Full Day4 People $100 Half Day – $140 Full Day
Cost is per person

Outdoor Project Coaching for Adults

Sometimes you just need a little extra help breaking into new grades or repointing your latest project. Our coaches will help you break down your beta, refine your tactics, and help you be in the best metal space in order to set you up for success.Cost: 1 Person: $140 half day – $200 full day2 People: $200 half day – $250 full day

Custom Sessions and Training for Youth or Adults

Have an upcoming climbing trip coming up that you want to be in peak shape for?  Looking to identify how to break through a plateau?   We’re more than happy to work with individuals on developing custom training and coaching sessions.  We have coaches on staff that can work on increased flexibility and mobility, mental and physical preparation, nutrition, and more. Be sure to check out our custom 6, 8, and 12 week climbing programs under the Adult Programs tab above. Register HERE For questions regarding privates and availability, email
Contact Climbing

Climbing Director


Climbing Coaches

Mike Rougeux

Coach's Bio

Mike has been working with kids in the outdoors for over 20 years and has a degree in Adventure Education and Wilderness Leadership from Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont. Mike has worked as a climbing coach, climbing guide, and route setter since 2006 and has coached athletes at the Youth, Elite, and Collegiate levels.  Mike served as an Apprentice Coach for the US Jr National Team at the 2021 IFSC Youth World Championships in Voronezh Russia. 

  • Head Competition Climbing Team Coach

  • Apprentice Coach 

  • Coaching competitive climbing since 2006

  • USA Climbing Level 2 certified coach

  • First Aid CPR

  • American Mountain Guides Association training

Why I coach: I coach because I find it challenging and fun.  The challenging side of coaching is trying to be the best coach for each individual- for some that means pushing them, for others that means listening, and for all it’s being supportive of them. I like the challenge of trying to figure out which coach each athlete needs me to be at that one specific time.

USA Climbing Level 2 Coaching Certification

Cate Beebe

Coach's Bio
Cate caught the climbing bug in 2016, and began exploring rocks in Vermont. She started coaching, routesetting and working with outdoor summer camps in a community gym, and quickly immersed herself wholeheartedly in the climbing world. She loves the sense of community that comes with climbing, and is excited to help motivate, encourage, and challenge the next generation of climbers. Cate has been working with youth climbers since 2017, and has been coaching youth athletes since 2012.
  • AMGA CWI (lead)
  • SOLO WFR/Red Cross CPR
  • USAC Level 2 Routesetter
  • USAC Level 2 Coach
Why I coach: “After being coached through high school and collegiate sports, it’s obvious to me how much of a positive impact a great coach can have on youth athletes. Climbing is an amazing sport that provides adventure, challenge, and joy. I hope to support all our climbers on their individual climbing journeys.”
USA Climbing Level 2 Coaching Certification

Michael Alfonso

Coach's Bio

Michael has lived in Oregon for 11 years and began climbing in the gym in high school. After meeting like-minded peers in college, Michael shifted the focus of his climbing to the outdoors and has made rock climbing and training a regular part of his life ever since. Michael has a broad background of outdoor industry work that includes running youth programs, technical and movement instruction for all ages, route setting, and commercial rock and alpine guiding. Michael draws on his breadth of experience to inform his coaching philosophy and to provide each team member with the kind of support and instruction they need to develop as young climbers.

  • American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor
  • Professional Climbing Instructor Association Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Wilderness First Responder

Why I coach?: “Climbing is a beautiful, complex, and endlessly entertaining sport that offers many gifts to those who choose to pursue it. I believe that the ability to climb well from a young age is an invaluable gift that brings with it a lifetime of joy. Through my coaching I hope to provide BEA team members with the skills to use climbing as a vehicle to explore the great natural playgrounds of the world for the rest of their lives.”

Ross Morrison

Coach's Bio
Ross has worked in the outdoor industry since 2012 facilitating experiences in climbing, backpacking and outdoor ethics. In 2018 he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Outdoor Leadership from OSU Cascades, and has stayed in central Oregon ever since. He has been coaching climbing for various programs in Central Oregon for 7 years and loves supporting the ethics and amazing sense of community it provides.
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
  • Outward Bound Wilderness First Responder
  • BSA Climbing Director
  • Leave No Trace Trainer
Why I coach: “The main reason I love coaching is the feeling you get from helping individuals solve their own problems. It isn’t about telling them the answer, it’s about guiding then towards their own.”

Olivia Brumwell

Coach's Bio

Olivia has been climbing for as long as she can remember. Growing up in the climbing gym her parents owned shaped her relationship with the community from an early age. She began competing at 6 years old and was part of the first BEA team during its inception. Being part of the team for almost 10 years was extremely impactful on Olivia’s life and she attributes a lot of her personal growth to those experiences climbing and connecting with her teammates. Being a youth competitor in the sport gives her a unique perspective on coaching as she has been in the same place the kids are now. Olivia, coming full circle, has been coaching with BEA for 4 years. She values seeing the climbers as people and as equals who have things of their own to share, and hopefully some solid beta! 


Why I coach: Climbing was my whole life as a kid and is a huge part of my life now. I am so excited to see it becoming a passion for so many more people. I think back to being on the team and some of my best memories come to mind. Sending hard with my pals on the annual bishop trip, or just sharing snacks and being kids at practice. I made life-long friendships from those years and I want to ensure the team upholds that connective, supportive culture. My coaches advice, support, and ability to show up as a person and see me for me will stick with me forever. I now have the opportunity to be that coach for the climbers and I value that immensely. 

Helena Van Brande

Coach's Bio

Helena started climbing in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the sport and community of like-minded people. She started working in the climbing industry while at university through route-setting and teaching top-rope and lead climbing basics. She has received AMGA climbing wall instructor training and is always looking for more opportunities to learn and grow. Her experience as a competitive athlete gives her a unique perspective on coaching the next generation of climbers. She’s been coaching youth in sports since 2015, and started teaching young climbers in 2022. Besides climbing, you can often find her swimming, skiing, hiking, or mountain biking!

Climbing Coach
First Aid CPR
American Mountain Guides Association training


Why I coach: I coach because I have experienced first-hand the importance of having passionate, kind, and thoughtful coaches. I want to give youth the space they need to grow and thrive, and for me that’s all about collaboration and support.

Garrett Genereux

Coach's Bio

Garrett has been climbing indoors and out since 2007 when he was in college. His professional experiences span guiding a variety of outdoor activities to university outdoor recreation program management. Garrett has lived and climbed in a variety of locations, growing up in Minnesota and then having stints in both Washington and Wyoming, before settling down in Central Oregon with his family. Besides climbing, he also enjoys mountain biking, trail running, backpacking, and water sports. You might see him at Bend Rock Gym climbing with his two young daughters.

  • Wilderness Medicine Training Center WEMT
  • PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor – Lead certified
  • American Mountain Guides Association – Apprentice Rock Guide

Why I Coach-

I enjoy working with youth in the climbing setting whether its indoors, outdoors, competitive or not, because I witness them challenging themselves both physically and mentally. Watching them achieve what they may not have thought possible brings me so much joy for them, knowing how it will unlock more not only in climbing but also in other aspects of their life.