North Cascades Camp Recap

It’s 5am and helicopters are flying overhead.

They’re so low to the ground the sound is intense and you can feel the air pressure beating downwards.

Fire? Smoke Jumper training? Military invasion?

Nope- just an effort to eradicate the Tussock Moth from the beautiful Methow Valley.

This is how PNSA junior Nordic skiers started off nearly every morning of their 5 day training camp in the North Cascade Mountains.

After the helicopters made their morning raid, campers slept for a little longer and then headed off to explore the valley. Camp activities included rollerskiing, hiking, bounding, strength training, rock climbing and soccer games played with passion in honor of the World Cup.

Athletes from the Bend Endurance Academy, Methow Valley Nordic Team, Wenatchee Valley Nordic Team and Teacup Nordic were coached by Ben Husaby and Brenna Warburton from the Bend Endurance Academy and Sam Naney from the Methow Olympic Development Project.

A great big thank you to Krysten Fitzsimmons for cooking every meal, Steve Devin for helping coordinate logistics and Scott Johnston for lending us his innovative collection of strength training methods.

The Bend Endurance Academy received funding from the Pacific Northwest Ski Association to facilitate 3 junior development camps in the summer of 2010.  The next camps are in Trout Lake, Washington in July and Silver Lake, California with the Far West Division in August. Campers from across the US and Canada are welcome to attend. Contact Ben Husaby for more information about upcoming camps: or 541-678-3865