Nordic Team Photo

We had a large group meet at Meissner today so we were able to squeeze most of us in the frame for a team photo!

Click to enlarge. Photo by Byron Roe

Currently, we have around 100 athletes in our Youth, Development, Competition, COCC and Masters programs. With winter break, many alumni have been returning from college to ski with the team and even volunteer their time to help with the Youth and Development athletes. Meissner has never been busier and it feels like a bustling hub of activity all day long with families, programs and individuals out enjoying the trails.

Our Winter Camp wraps up tomorrow after 3 days of skiing with all programs. Some are just learning how to ski, others are gearing up for local Nordic races at Mt. Bachelor, while others are making final preparations for Nationals in Maine next week. Ben Husaby will be taking 4 athletes to Rumford to compete at Junior Nationals.

No matter what our skiers have for goals, we’re always having fun!