Live Results from SoHo Super JOQ and UNH Carnival

Updated Saturday, 4:45pm:

The BNT is competing at the 2002 Olympic venue, Soldier Hollow, UT, with 6 of the 9 USSA regions represented and well over 500 racers present from all age groups.

Live results from Soldier Hollow are available at Summit Timing.

Saturday, January 30th Update:

  • Tom Smith (University of Utah OJ) finished 2nd in the mens 15km freestyle race and won his division!
  • Pat Madden (BNT J1) finished 20th, 2:35 back!
  • Isabel Smith (BNT J1) finished 19th overall in the women’s 10km freestyle!
  • Darragh, Haley and Tess finished consecutively with very respectable 51, 52, 53 placings.
  • There were 88 women and 100 men racing today on very difficult courses!

Here are BNT Highlights from the Classic Sprint on Friday, Jan. 30, 2009 where there were 99 J1/OJ men and 88 J1/OJ women:

  • Isabel Smith qualified as the 1st J1 Girl (second overall) in the 1km Sprint and finished 5th overall in the A Finals!
  • Joe Madden (OJ) qualified 12th and finished 4th overall in the A finals!
  • Pat Madden (J1) finished 3rd in the B Finals (9th overall)!
  • Kelly Crowther (OJ) qualified 5th overall and 7 of the 11 BNT skiers made it to the second round!

Also, in related news, Dakota Blackhorse von Jess (Dartmouth) has won the University of New Hampshire Carnival Classic Sprint! Results page.