Alumni Spotlight | Jordan Fields

Summer is right around the corner and I know we are all excited to pull those layers off. If you are anything like the athletes here at the Bend Endurance Academy, this does not necessarily mean training time is over. Summer is a time for everyone to enjoy warm outdoor sports as we take a brief hiatus from all that powder we were shredding throughout the winter season. 

Jordan Fields is a BEA Nordic Alumni and one of those motivated and enthusiastic athletes who doesn’t stop working hard even in the off season. Jordan is a Vermont native who spent his summers in Bend, Oregon training throughout the summer in our Collegiate Nordic Summer Programs so he was in prime shape for the upcoming season. Today, Jordan is a high level ski coach and competitive mountain runner who has no plans of slowing down any time soon. 

Jordan’s journey in Bend started in his freshman year of college when he moved here for summer with Rogan Brown, a friend and overall legend in the community. Living in a van at first, Jordan eventually moved into a 2 bedroom house with 10 other collegiate athletes all gunning for a proper Bend summer, filled with sun, good views, and some hard Nordic training.

As most of you may know, Bend is very susceptible to fires in the summer which can be a real pain in the butt depending on the year. Unfortunately the year Jordan came was like every other year. This led to Jordan and his housemates evacuating their apartment soon after their arrival due to a wildfire close by. Many would see this as such a problem, they might even consider leaving Bend to go back home. Not for Jordan! Jordan was able to overcome this issue and befriend a Bend local who housed all the athletes as the fire simmered down. 

As I continued to talk to Jordan, he reminded me of the importance of keeping your head up and seeing all the different opportunities wherever you are. Problems will come and go throughout everyone’s life, if we could all appreciate the importance of being a strong community member, while solidifying our love for outdoor sports, we can become much stronger from it. 

This story is a great framework for how Jordan spent his time in Bend and kept throughout his entire outdoor career. Jordan did not just spend his time in Bend becoming the best skier he could

, he spent his time integrating with the community and changing his mental framework. He spent a large portion of his time working with high school Nordic athletes, training, and doing community service with them. 

Through trail making, hard training, and making new friends with the high school athletes and their families, Jordan developed what he called a non extractive mindset. Lots of people spend their 

summers in new and beautiful areas, enjoying the views, doing the sports they love, and much more. For Jordan, even though he was in Bend for the same reason, he made sure that he was also giving to the community and not just consuming all Bend has to 


At the Bend Endurance Academy, we spend a considerable amount of time training youth to become the best athlete they can be, but we also instill a community oriented mindset within each of them as well. Jordan truly embodies an outdoorsman who lives sustainably while pursuing all different sports at the highest level possible. 

As Jordan continues his outdoor journey as a Nordic coach and mountain runner, he wants to get youth excited to spend as much time in the snow as possible, ultimately becoming a lifelong sport for each one of them. Jordan does not just coach youth to be the best, he coaches so they love the sport that they can take with them forever. For mountain running, since he has already clocked in the fastest known times out east, he is thinking about expanding his range and pursuing The RUT in Big Sky, Montana. 

Jordan left me with one important quote for any athletes pursuing sports in the snow…

“We all need to care for the places we recreate, whether we live there or not. Snow is becoming more and more of a scarce resource. Skiers and all athletes need to be advocates for outdoor policy to keep snow alive. We are not just animals for the sport.”

This quote truly resonates with the Bend Endurance Academy, and we are proud to call Jordan Fields a BEA Alumni. Through this interview, we want to ask all readers to spend a few minutes of their day doing some research about how they can help keep skiing alive, not just this season or the next, but for all ski seasons. Here are some resources to check out that will help save our winters…                                              

A little bit more about Jordan…

Jordan placed 12th at the  2017 NCAA Skiing Championships for the 20km skate and 2nd at the 2017 NCAA Eastern Regional Championships for the 20km skate. During his amazing 2017 season, Jordan was named “All-East Skier” for his accomplishments. Jordan has recently transitioned towards competitive mountain running where he has achieved the Fastest Known Times (FKT’s) for The Presidential Traverse, The Pemigewasset Loop, The White Mountains Hut Traverse and much more. All trails posing some serious elevation gain and extreme lengths. As Jordan continues to smash records all across the United States, he is also spending his time advocating for the protection of snow and coaching motivated youth athletes at the Fordsayre youth ski club. Jordan is one of the most well rounded athletes that have ever been a part of the Bend Endurance Academy and we are excited to see him flourish in the future! You can check out more of his mountain running accomplishments at We know there is more to come!


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