Dakota is National Skate Sprint Champion

Congratulations to Dakota Blackhorse von Jess on his win at the US National Skate Sprint in Soldier Hollow, Utah. His first championship title, Dakota has qualified first in several races this year and said it “Feels good to wear bib 1 most of the week.”

photo credit: Fasterskier.com
photo credit: Fasterskier.com


A few words from Dakota:

A huge thanks first to my coach Ben Husaby, 8 years and counting. And we keep getting better. Also to all the folks in our wax room. Scott and Justin and Janice. Your relationships make it all work. And to my team – you guys push me and make me better. All of you – over all the years. Big Chuck – we put it down for you today. Miss you buddy. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Second to all the friends and family that love and support me. My parents, all my coaches over the years, my hugely supportive family and all my friends both at home and far away. The energy and support in the stadium today was unbelievable. Thanks everyone – you can’t even believe the feeling of having the whole world cheering for you.

Next, to the corporate sponsors. Fischer, Salomon, and Swix have supported me since I started in this sport. My reps are the best guys out there and they put me on gear that helps me win. I’m proud to represent!

Finally – to my competitors. I can’t imagine a better group of people to be doing this with. Athletes and coaches and support staff. Thanks for keeping the stoke high and making this as much fun as it is. You’re a classy bunch. Let’s keep living the dream.

Here’s a video from USSA showing the Men’s A Final: