Academy Coach Profile

Sam Rocco takes a break each week from his real job as a senior fund analyst to lead Academy athletes in their strength workouts. He volunteers his coaching time and serves as a sounding board for strengthening Academy press presence and brand recognition. He is the husband of Academy BOD president, Adrienne Graham. BEA had a quick interview with Sam and discovered the following:

BEA: Favorite athletes?

Sam: Didier Drogba, Grant Hill, Louis Zamperini

BEA: What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Sam: I really like joking around with the athletes and other coaches. I also really enjoy watching athletes of all abilities strive to improve and pursue their goals.

BEA: How do you feel about being part of the team?

Sam: Terrific and really fortunate! Practice is one of the best parts of my week and a great break from my job.

BEA: Favorite sport?

Sam: Trail running and soccer

BEA: What’s the best part of waking up?

Sam: It makes me very happy when I realize that I’m able to live in Bend and that I get to go to practice, go on a great trail run, etc. later that day.






Broad Jumps!

Who will win?


We appreciate all of the time and energy the Rocco/Graham family has dedicated to the Academy!

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