Designed to inspire skiers to achieve their best in both personal and athletic goals.

Ages 14 and up.

The Competition Team is focused on athletes in high school and beyond who want to spend time cross country skiing in a structured, competition-oriented training group with like-minded teammates.  While competing is not a requirement, the training and technique coaching is designed to push athletes to achieve at a higher level and provide additional opportunities for success.  Most of our competition skiers participate in the local High School leagues and we encourage this as a parallel to the program.  The full value of the team is the consistent day to day relationship the skier develops with their coach and teammates.

The comp team offers two options: Full Time beginning in September and Full Time Lite starting in November.  Please check out the schedules below!  For high school athletes interested in adding skiing days but are not committed to skiing 5-6 days a week, please check out our 1, 2 or 3 day high school comp program.

Athletes are instructed in varying activities to improve their strength, technique, coordination, agility, aerobic and anaerobic capacities with the end goal being to successfully apply these skills to ski racing environments.  These experiences systematically guide each athlete from daily practices to local, regional, national and international competition experiences. Competition Team members gain a solid understanding of physiology, excellent technique and the ability to assist in the development of their own training plan. Participants will be able to set and achieve goals as well as adapt to challenges and possibilities that wait for them in ski racing and in life.

Competition team coaches, subscribe to a big picture view in their approach to athletic development. Coaches will provide solid, consistent, individualized year round training and racing opportunities for intrinsically motivated athletes while simultaneously fostering a lifelong love for an active, outdoor lifestyle.  Coaches maintain a high level of fitness to be able to train alongside athletes and consider themselves ‘students of the sport’ in order to educate athletes about the evolutions of technique, physiology, waxing and training philosophy.

Transportation to all training is provided, and Competition Team members are not required to purchase a season pass.  We train at the Virginia Meissner ski area where passes are not required, although we do encourage all Academy families to support Meissner Nordic/The Tumalo Langlauf Club who operate and maintain the ski area.


Ages 14+ or USSA Age Class U-16, U-18, U-20 or Senior
Dates September 4th 2014 to May 1st 2014/November 19th to May 1st
Days/Times 5-6 days per week.
Athletes must make arrangements with their school counselor to be excused from 7th period for second quarter- to maximize daylight hours
Athletes will be picked up from their schools if they choose
Options Fall school sports participants may chose to decline Fall Training- Full Time Lite
Costs $2200 w/Fall Training (includes transportation)
$1550 w/o Fall Training (includes transportation)
Trail Pass The Bend Endurance Academy encourages families to support Meissner Nordic/TLC by purchasing an individual or family membership for the grooming and trail maintenance at Meissner Sno Park. Visit to join!
Locations Local Sno Parks, Races at Mt. Bachelor and travel to many other locations.
Extras Tuition is all inclusive. Participants will be provided with transportation, ski storage, waxing facilities and team wax.
“I have personally been able to watch the growth of so many athletes in the program, and the changes are really stunning. With the absolute confidence of my own personal experience and that of many of my friends, the individuals that come through this program are prepared to face the challenges of the world. Period.”Dakota Blackhorse-von Jess, Junior National Sprint Champion, World Junior Team Member