Nordic Skiing

Bend Endurance Academy’s Nordic programs are designed for all abilities of youth, junior, and adult cross-country skiers. All practice sessions are led by professional coaches who promote winter fun in a safe environment where skiers improve their skills. Some of our participants are just learning to ski and others are motivated to improve their efficiency and fitness; some may never compete while others are striving to be their best in state, regional or even national competitions. We teach the joys of nordic skiing and foster a life long passion for being outside all year round. We hope to meet you soon.


The Nordic Team


  • Thank you for your interested in our Nordic programs.
  • We are excited to offer Afterschool Nordic Skiing programs this winter. Enrollment opening in November 2019!
  • Please contact Nordic Program Coordinator, Ann Leitheiser, at ann@bendenduranceacademy.org for more information on winter 2020 programs!

Nordic Skiing Information - Open for Details

Can I schedule a make-up day?

  • We expect skiers to come on the day they have signed up to attend. Switching days is tough on the coaches and can disrupt groups; please do not come on a day that you are not signed up to attend.
  • No make-up days for full programs or after school programs.
  • There is no “credit” for days that you miss.

How do you assign skiers into groups?

  • We create groups on any day based on a number of factors including terrain, weather, experience, ability, age and motivation of the participants.
  • By default, we begin with age and then adjust by friendships / ability / experience to make efficient groups.

What is the best program for my child?

  • Start with their age. All programs have a minimum age, some have a maximum age. Exceptions must be approved by the Nordic Program Coordinator.
  • We can always switch groups or programs once they get started. There’s a lot of info on this page. Get started, go for a ski, and check in with the coach afterward to see if we need to make any adjustments to groups or programs.
  • Ability must be evaluated by our coaches, and skiing in “slow groups” is not a bad thing — we are trying to ski as a team so being in a bunch is often part of how the skiers get to socialize with each other.
  • If a skier wants to try a next-level group please talk to the coaches at practice.
  • Skiers must earn their progression through dedication, participation and demonstrated mastery.


Nordic Coaches

Adriana Boylan

From a young age I loved getting outside to downhill ski. While student teaching in Norway, I first learned how to cross country ski and enjoyed hit trips with friends and seeing the countryside. After moving to Bend in December, I found BEA through another coach. Teaching youth programs has been a blast and a shift from teaching full time in a classroom! When I’m not with BEA, I enjoy rock climbing, running, dancing, and playing music with friends. I’ve always believed, “may we be in a perpetual state of reinvention” and have enjoyed pushing myself athletically, especially climbing the last few years. Excited to spend time outside with you!

Chris Emme

I found out about BEA while working as a climbing guide in Australia. Contemplating a move to Central Oregon, BEA seemed like it would be a great outlet to help get kids outside, and it has been a great fit! When not coaching, I enjoy climbing, bikepacking, backcountry skiing and leading overseas trips for high school groups. The motto I aspire to live by is from Aldo Leopold, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

Sherri Dean

I moved to Bend 4 years ago after 22 years in the tropics and dove into snow sports to acclimatize. Never looked back. I started with BEA after a chance encounter with Darragh – she asked, I said yes. Outside of BEA, I am a physical therapy tech and biomechanics geek who lives to get out and explore the peaks, trails, and trees around Central Oregon – run, walk, hike, or ski – preferably in the company of family or friends, and a dog or two. My motto is “Life is short, live it!”

Don Leet

I started cross country skiing in 1970 when I was on a snowshoe overnighter and a couple of skiers went by us on cross country skis. It looked fun and fast. I was there at the beginning of skating and have been at it ever since. Similarly, I’ve been with BEA from the beginning of its inception. In reality, I’m actually a cyclist who loves to ski. Fun, Fast, Safe is my motto.