Tuition Assistance Policy

The Bend Endurance Academy may award tuition assistance based on a consideration of the athlete’s financial need, commitment to the program and the availability of funds.

The tuition assistance fund is supported by individual donations and contributions from sponsors.

We do offer pro-rated tuition for anyone who joins a program after it has already begun. For more, see our Payment Policy.

To receive Tuition Assistance from the Academy:

  1. Contact the Program Director for the program you’re interested in to see if we have any funds available.
  2. Program Director and Executive Director will discuss possibility of offering assistance.
  3. You will be contacted by Program Director.


Please help us keep our program fees low by making a donation today. You can also directly sponsor or contribute to the tuition assistance fund. We accept cash and check donations at our office or you can call our office at (541) 904-5048.