Payment Policy

All enrollment forms and waivers for programs, trips, camps and events must be submitted before the participant is allowed to practice/compete.

Online Enrollment Form Payment Options

  • Tuition may be paid by cash, check or PayPal
  • Pay the total amount due specified in the online enrollment form
  • Discounts, pro-rates, and all adjustments to the total must be approved by the Program Director
  • Do not adjust the price on your own
  • On-Time Payment means we receive it on or before your child’s first day of participation
  • Payments more than thirty days overdue will be charged a 10% Late Fee

Payment Plans:

Families who are unable to pay tuition in one payment may work with the Executive Director to approve a payment plan for tuition costs only. Costs of trips, camps or events may be excluded.

  • A deposit is required before the first practice/competition
  • Sign up for the program online then contact the Executive Director to discuss payment, that way we have all your info to review your request

Prorated Tuition:

  • We only prorate tuition for those who start the program late
  • We will prorate your cost based on either a percentage of the total practices, or the number of weeks remaining
  • Make-up days are allowed for some programs in lieu of prorating
  • Prorates are not available through our automated enrollment system, so please enroll online for the program of your choice and check out using the “Pay with Cash / Check” option instead of PayPal.
  • Prorated amounts will be generated by the Program Director and emailed to you as an invoice after your successful online enrollment
  • We do not prorate programs for absenteeism, nor do missed days count as ‘credit’ in any program
  • Example of invalid request: “We’re going on vacation for 3 days this week and we’ll miss 2 days for doctor’s appointments, so we can subtract the daily rate for those days?” No.
  • Example of valid request: “The program started 3 weeks ago, can we join and only pay for the remainder of the sessions?” Yes.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • PayPal

Cancellation Policy:

If you have signed up for a program but decide not to attend or finish the sessions please communicate that to us as soon as possible. Refund requests must be made in writing (email us) and we will issue back a prorated amount for the unused sessions minus a $25 processing fee.


The cost of Trips and Camps include transportation costs. All programs that require transportation have those costs built in to the tuition so we do not ‘charge extra’ for transportation.

Trail Passes / Entry Fees

Participants in Academy programs are not required to purchase trail passes or race entry fees to be part of the programs. We strongly encourage all participants and their families to consider becoming members of the Meissner Nordic Club and/or the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) to support our local trails.


Please contact our Executive Director at (541) 904-5048