Over those years our families and coaches have celebrated successes, faced adversity, and made the conscious decision to keep on moving through our development journey together.

Through the years and changes one thing has remained constant at BEA: we show up for each other.  All of us at BEA and our families do this in different ways. As coaches we show up and commit to providing engaging, fun, and safe programs and practices for the participants. We show up and help our younger participants lay down foundational skills that will help them progress on and off of the bikes, skis, and walls. For our competition and race teams we show up and help set the environment for these young athletes to reach their goals and be the best versions of themselves.

Our families show up and support their kids by providing healthy and appropriate support and encouragement while allowing their children to take their own paths to their chosen destinations. Parents pick-up, drop-off, make sure their kids are properly fueled, and organize carpools. Our families show up for our coaches and staff by offering their trust and support to all of us who play a role in each athlete’s development.

And last but not least, kids show up for each other.  This is perhaps the part of BEA that makes me the most proud and is the biggest measure of success we have for our organization.  Nothing makes all of us here at BEA have more hope for the future of youth sports and for our community, than seeing children, teens, and young adults learn the value of supporting others in their community and on their team. They learn first hand that in order for them as individuals to be successful they need to encourage those around them to be successful as well.

Even if your family does not require tuition assistance, your contributions help create opportunities for peers of your kids. Those opportunities build a stronger community and benefit everyone. We have big things to accomplish with kids at BEA and we will continue to need the support from donors like you to make those dreams come to fruition. 

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