BEA Families and Supporters:

This week Bend Endurance Academy (BEA) launches our annual giving campaign. We are writing to ask you to consider supporting this year at any level that you can.

Over the last two years we’ve stayed committed to providing healthy development opportunities for youth in our area as we try to continue to redefine what participation in youth sports looks like.  We know and believe in the fact that when done properly and under the proper mentorship, participation in sports has the potential to positively impact lives and communities.  We also know that not everyone has the same access and opportunity to participate.  That is why we have continued to make efforts to grow our Tuition Assistance program while still trying to keep our tuition costs reasonable. 

As we’ve moved through the different scenarios and limitations of the pandemic we’ve seen the various responses and impacts on our youth in terms of mental health, physical well-being, and development.  According to a recent survey from the Aspen Institute’s Project Play, 3 in 10 children have lost interest in organized sports over the past 15 months.  We know that with the loss of participation we will also see a decrease in overall health and well-being.  

From Aspen Institute’s recent State of Play survey they found that one in four parents said their child’s mental health suffered. Since restrictions have been lifted on sports, almost half (49%) said their child’s mental health has improved. A majority of parents also believe their child’s physical fitness, emotional control and social well-being have increased by returning to sports.

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Throughout all of it we’ve strived to meet our participants where they were at and provide the support and outlets that they needed in order to be successful and healthy during such a challenging time for youth. 

All of your donations help Bend Endurance Academy continue to provide youth in Central Oregon the opportunity to engage in healthy outdoor based sports, and help the positive development of kids in our community.

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