Dear Friend,

The year 2018 has been one for discovering what it really means to value teamwork, personal growth, and community responsibility, three tenets at the core of our mission. We have seen more smiles than we can count and even more looks of determination as kids cross the finish line or reach for that final hold. We’ve witnessed athletes cheer one another to victory and been inspired by a community supporting one another through hard times. We have also come together in volunteer service to make Bend an even better place to work and play.

This is truly a wonderful place to be. The Bend Endurance Academy has always been about a full range of experiences: being together, working together, and growing together. As our athletes actively pursue their athletic goals and share their love for the outdoors, we experience the joys of life together.

Looking ahead in 2019, as we celebrate 10 years of service to the local community, we will continue our traditions and hold our values close as we expand our program offerings to reach a growing and more diverse community. We will continue to create meaningful experiences through sport, travel, and the community service we undertake together.

We hope you will support the Bend Endurance Academy achieve these goals. Your financial support will allow us to continue providing quality programming, transportation, and many more meaningful experiences through the joy of endurance sports.

Thank you for helping us reach the ten-year mark as a nonprofit organization. Serving your children is what makes our work so meaningful. We look forward to experiencing 2019 with you.

Sandy Visnack, Executive Director
Ann Leitheiser, Development Director
Mike Rougeux, Climbing Program Director
Bill Warburton, Cycling Program Director

Individuals may make tax-deductible donations because we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All of your donations help us provide quality programing! Mail a check or contribute online now:


Thank You!