Cyclocross Nationals 2014

After a long season of cycling, our team was still really excited to race bikes in January. Boulder Colorado welcomed the nation in style for the 2014 Cyclocross National Championship at the Valmont Bike Park, a unique city-owned property with dirt jumps, pump tracks, trials obstacles and a cyclocross course with purpose-built stairs, run-ups, ditches, bridges and sand traps.

Supporters: BSP-black

Bart Bowen and Michelle Bazemore from Bowen Sports Performance donated $1,400 from their Future Cross race and CXMas Fundraiser to our trip so that we could support more athletes; we ended up with several riders from Portland and Eugene who needed our support for bike transport and logistics so we had 14 junior athletes and several parents make the trip.

Tony Kic, who runs the Blind Date at the Dairy CX Series drove with me to help manage all the gear and cover all the races. backporch-coffee-logo

Backporch Coffee Roasters helped us raise $500 by selling “Bend Endurance Blend” at the local races.

The Shanks Family from the Black Sheep Cycling Club in Boulder hosted me, Tony, our van, trailer and a couple athletes. Check out Rich’s photos from the event, including some of our athletes here!

BEA Rider Results:

  1. Colin Dunlap, 18th in U23 Men
  2. Javier Colton, 13th in 17-18 Men
  3. Ian Wilson, 34th in 17-18 Men
  4. Will Reinking, 54th in 17-18 Men
  5. Donovan Birky, 40th in 15-16 Men
  6. Cameron Beard, 4th in 15-16 Men
  7. Henry Jones, 7th in 13-14 Men
  8. Ivy Taylor, 15th in 15-16 Women
  9. Katie Ryan, 18th in 15-16 Women

Oregon Rider Results with our support:

  1. Sam Rosenberg, 33rd in 17-18 Men
  2. Aunika Miranda, 11th in 13-14 Women
  3. Gabrielle Lenhert, 7th in 13-14 Women
  4. Jacob Smith, 14th in 10-12 Men

The Trip:

It was a great drive out to Boulder with about 30 bikes in the van and trailer, with a stop in Salt Lake City to ride with some friends up the snow covered roads to the top of Emigration Canyon. Athletes all flew in, some with their parents, and many of the older riders took the opportunity to visit colleges and universities in Colorado. The course was covered in snow when we arrived and the riding was muddy, technical, wet, sloppy, and really fun. Things dried out through the week so that when the girls went on Friday it was already much faster and less treacherous. Cameron Beard rode in 3rd place much of his race, only to be out-sprinted at the line, so he finished 4th and on the podium for the third time at CX Nationals. Colin Dunlap was the only BEA racer on Saturday so many of the other juniors help him with warming up, bikes in the pit and moral support around the course. It was great to see how excited the riders get to support each other at the big events. Many take the support role very seriously and that’s a great asset to any team. On Sunday, the 17-18 Men hit the course in the morning to find it almost completely dry and very fast. Javier Colton rode within the top 10 for much of the race and fell back only in the last lap to finish 13th.

On the drive home, Tony and I passed semi trucks that had been blown off the road and flipped on their sides but we pushed through the storm and made the entire trip non-stop in 22 hours, thus concluding a long season of racing and setting us up for a little winter break.

Thanks to the athletes, parents and supporters of this program! I love seeing our young riders grow and these experiences will stay with them for a lifetime!