Cyclocross Races and Travel

We will be attending the High School Cyclocross Race Series, all Cross Crusade races and several local events for 2010. And don’t forget Nationals in Bend!

Of the 17 events listed, it is reasonable for any junior to race 10. Most races are 30 minutes in length for juniors and up to an hour for seniors.

COCC Students should consider the Cross Crusades and Crossaflixion races as prep for Nationals.

Travel to the away races will average $25 – 35 per person for transportation. Entry fees and program tuition not included. We need 5 people to drive a van, so bring a friend.

Date Event Notes
9/16 Thrilla CX Bend race for all
9/19 Hood River Double Cross / HSCX 1 First High School race, this was changed too late so it conflicts with our Camp. We may go to the race as part of the Camp.
9/30 Thrilla CX Bend race for all
10/3 Cross Crusade 1 Alpenrose, Portland
10/9 Crossafixion 2 Bend Race for those at home
10/9 WVC Heiser / HSSCX 2 HSSCX race for those wanting series points
10/10 Cross Crusade 2 Ranier, OR
10/17 Cross Crusade 3 Sherwood, OR
10/24 Cross Crusade 4 / HSSCX 3 PIR, Portland, OR
10/30 Cross Crusade 5 Clatsop County Fairgrounds, Halloween weekend races
10/31 Cross Crusade 6 Clatsop County Fairgrounds, Halloween weekend races
11/7 Cross Crusade 7 / HSSCX 4 Hillsboro, OR
11/14 Cross Crusade 8 Barton, OR
11/21 OBRA / HSSCX Championship Salem, OR
11/27 Crossafixion 3 Bend race for fun
12/8 – 12/12 Cyclocross Nationals In Bend!