Covid-19 Operations Plan

COVID-19 Operations Plan – Cycling

Health Criteria for Staff and Participants

  • We ask that any staff or participants with illness involving fever, new cough, or shortness of breath stay home.
  • We ask that any staff or participants have had no close sustained contact with anyone who is sick. If they or anyone in their household have recently had an illness with fever or a new cough. They should remain home for at least 10 days after illness onset and until 72 hours after fever is gone, without use of fever reducing medicine, and COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, and diarrhea) are improving.
  • We will require participants to have their temperature checked at home by an adult the morning of their program. This temperature will need to be reported and recorded during the participant check-in process. If parents cannot attest to their child’s temperature it will need to be checked at check-in.

General Hygiene

  • Coaches and participants will be instructed to use hand sanitizer/change gloves anytime they work with and finish their task with any shared equipment or when having close contact with any other individuals.
  • Coaches and participants are encouraged to cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow; Throw any used tissue away immediately into a garbage receptacle; and clean hands after covering coughs and sneezes, and after throwing away used tissues.
  • Coaches will wear face coverings whenever they cannot maintain appropriate distancing from participants of at least 6’.

Daily Procedures


  • Parents will be notified that an adult is to drop off each participant and follow social distancing marked standing/waiting positions (cones) until called to the check-in table/location.
    During check-in, coaches/staff will record the name of the participant and adult dropping participant off and the time
  • Bike check (first day and one day programs only); participants will be directed to a marked location (cones) for coaches to conduct pre-ride bike and equipment check. During the bike check coaches will wear a face covering and sanitize their hands between each individual bike check.
  • After rider’s bikes are checked, they will be directed to a marked area for the pre-ride group check-in and announcements. A coach will outline and remind participants of proper personal hygiene and ways to practice social distancing.

Ride Procedures

  • Coaches will work to design each ride to minimize the use of highly used and/or multi directional trails.
  • Coaches will work to plan rides to allow the group to stop in areas that allow riders to maintain proper social distancing measures while minimizing impact to the surrounding area and to prevent trail widening.
  • Coaches will put on a face covering at ride stops and when social distancing measures cannot be maintained. Riders are encouraged to do the same but are not required.


  • Once riders are back at the meeting point, participants will be directed to a marked location for ride debrief and staging for parent pick up.
  • Parents will follow the marked standing/waiting positions for pickup procedures to keep everyone at a 6’ distance.
  • We will be recording the name and time of the adult pick up of participants in order to comply with state guidance.

Transportation Procedures

  • Van travel will be limited to four participants per van with assigned seating for all trips in order to adhere to state guidelines of maintaining at least 3’ of space between participants.
  • When participants are transported via a BEA van all participants will utilize hand sanitizer prior to entering the van.
  • Vans will be cleaned after each use and will targeted cleanings with a focus on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces of the van.

Communication Plan

  • All new protocols and additional messaging will be communicated via the BEA website, post enrollment email communications, social media, and on site signage.
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Case among Campers or Staff & Cluster of Illness
  • Coaches and staff are instructed to notify your supervisor if they are notified of any participant or coach of having a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  • Supervisor will notify the Executive Director of any communication of a confirmed case or any cluster of illness among the summer camp program staff or participants. Executive Director will notify Deschutes County Communicable Disease Investigation, Surveillance And Response: (541) 322-7418

Additional Resources

2020 Summer Program

Choose between our four different programs this summer, starting the week of June 15 to the beginning of September. Each program repeats several times through the summer. Because of the situation with Covid-19, we will meet at trails heads with parents/ caregivers responsible to drop off their kids directly at the trail head, with possible exception for the Enduro camps and the Day Trips.

  • One Day Trip: One day at a time, from 9 AM to 4 PM. For kids 10 and older who don’t want to commit to a full week riding the trails with us and want to explore trails that are not so easy to reach for an afternoon ride. Trips will include Swampy Lakes TH to Phil’s trail TH, Metolius Windigo to Tyler’s Traverse, … These are long rides with some up and down. Only for riders who have the stamina for it!

Tuition is $80. Enroll for three or more days for a discount!

  • Enduro Camps: 5 day camps for kids 8 and older, from 9 AM to 3 PM. For kids who really prefer gravity and want to explore all the trails that surround Bend, including one day at the Bike Park at Mt Bachelor.

Tuition is $400 which includes day bike park pass and gear rental.

  • Little Ones Ride Too: 2 day mountain biking camps for 5 to 8 years old. Shorter days from 9 AM to 2 PM, following the needs and rhythm of our younger public.

Tuition is $140.

  • Multi Activities Two Day camps: for the kids 8 to 18 years old who want to explore various outdoor activities. These 2 days will take them mountain biking, rafting and  climbing. The days start at 9 AM and finish at 4 PM.

Tuition is  $220

2020 Summer Devo Mountain Biking

Junior Development Mountain Biking (aka “Devo”)

for Middle and High Schoolers

Middle schoolers and High schoolers, if you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking to ride the trails with a group of friends and develop or refine some technical skills, our Development “DEVO” program is for you.  Ride locations will vary and we will make sure every voice is heard!   Bring your friends, make some new ones!
Age minimum is 10.
This group will meet twice a week with the option of one session per week also available.

DEVO program runs Spring, Summer and Fall every Tuesday and Thursday

3:00pm – 6:30pm

Tuition is $650 for the whole summer and $350 for once a week option.

Private Coaching

We do offer private sessions for kids and adults. Either you want a one on one session with a coach, stay with the circle of your family or gather a little group of riders with similar skills; we discuss your goals together and choose an appropriate spot/trail accordingly.

Each private session runs 1Hr 30 minimum, with implementation of 90 minutes at a time.

Cost of a 90 minute session is $90

For more details, contact Virginie at (503)914-7616 or

2020 Fall Program

Information Coming Soon

Cyclocross Team | Age 10 - 18

Information Coming Soon

How to Choose a Program

Many factors influence which programs are best for your child.

Desire to Ride & Goals

  • Ask your child if he or she would like to participate in our programs.
  • We can only safely take riders who want to ride with our groups.
  • Individuals should have common goals to what the Program can offer.
  • Our After School programs aim at taking Elementary and few Middle Schoolers for fun afternoon rides after a long day at school.
  • Our DEVO program targets Middle and High schoolers who are interested in becoming better riders while having a blast.

Age, Ability & Experience

  • Age limits do not define ability. They keep riders in appropriate social settings with their peers.
  • Please respect the age limits when you enroll.
  • Ability & experience must be balanced with knowledge & progression so it’s better to start in a slower group or easier program to learn the basics. This fixes “gaps” in skills and promotes faster learning and means more fun!

Friends & Siblings

  • We encourage riders to group-up with their friends if it is appropriate for the group and the chosen ride.
  • Our times and locations sometimes make it challenging to accommodate drop-off and pick up of siblings in different programs but we will try to make it work for you.

Which School You Attend

  • We offer certain programs to certain schools on specific days in the Spring and Fall.

Your Equipment

  • Each program outlines the minimums or recommendations for bikes and gear — this is a huge safety concern for us if a rider’s bike is either unsafe or not correct for the group for which you have enrolled, so please follow those guidelines and ask for assistance if needed.
  • We suggest taking your bike to a local bike shop for a check-up and tune before enrolling in our programs. Our safety checks can only make assessments — we cannot fix major problems.
      • For ages 7 and 8 we recommend 20″ wheels or larger.
      • For age 9+ we recommend minimum 24″ or 26″ wheels.
      • Mountain Bike with 2-brakes, in safe working order required.
      • Gears highly recommended for ages 7-8.
      • Gears required for age 9+.
      • Singlespeeds should not have a coaster brake and should have a very light gear ratio.
Program Goals and More Information

Goals of our inclusive program include:

  • Having fun together.
  • Making new friends.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Learning to ride in a group safely and courteously.
  • Creating a long-lasting respect for & appreciation of our trails and natural environment.
  • Exploring new trails and making improvements on familiar ones.
  • Gaining fitness and confidence so our kids want to ride more.


  • Age 7+ at start of elementary program and attends the school offered for that day.
  • Age 4 or 5 at start of Montessori program and attends The Montessori Center School.
  • Must know how to ride a bike off-road, no Absolute Beginners, but Beginners and Intermediate are welcome!
  • The Rider must want to attend practice and ride in the group with their assigned Coach and teammates.

Academy Rules of the Trail

  • Be prepared: bring helmet, gloves, glasses, water, tube, tools & working bike
  • Say “Hello” to everyone
  • Ride in control
  • Ride only open trails
  • Preserve the trail: no skidding, cutting corners or walking on jump faces
  • Stop at all junctions and trail crossings to re-group
  • Stay within sight of your group; don’t wander off into the woods
  • If you happen to lose the group, stay where you are and a coach will find you
  • Downhill Riders yield to Uphill Riders
  • Bikers yield to all other users like walkers and horses
  • Don’t scare people or animals
  • Scout all jumps / drops / black diamond features; only ride with Coach permission
  • Respect and help your teammates and coaches
  • Pads, full face helmet and neck brace strongly recommended for Enduro / DH / Bike Park training and racing

Vehicles & Driving

  • Respect the Driver, Coaches and your Teammates
  • Riders must sit facing forward
  • Keep all body parts inside the windows at all times
  • Inside voices
  • Leave no trace
  • Lost and found in front of vans
  • Seat belts required in vans

How do you define Age & Ability?

  • “Absolute-Beginners” are those who need help getting started, or who are not comfortable on a bike — they require one-on-one attention from Coaches to remain safe; we offer Clinics and Bike Rodeos to help them get started.
  • “Beginners” are those who can ride, are ready to take on challenges, and can be mixed into a group-setting with appropriate ratios of riders-to-Coaches.
  • “Recreational” riders really enjoy riding and want to improve but aren’t immediately interested in advanced skills or racing.
  • “Intermediate” riders have more experience, might be more interested in pursuing a harder progression and might be convinced to ride more days per week or try a race.
  • “Advanced” riders have many years of experience and can start giving back to their teammates while they pursue their own goals.
  • Age vs Maturity: Minimum ages are set to create peer groups so while many younger riders can demonstrate good skills, they often need to remain with their peers instead of moving up too quickly.

How does the Wait List work?

  • Many programs have caps. This is so we can provide your child with the best experience for the resources we have.
  • The enrollment form shows how many spots are left.
  • If a program is FULL then you should register for the Cycling Wait List. We will update everyone on the wait list a week before the program begins.
  • We will not take payment unless your child is accepted into the program.

How does Tuition work?

  • Payment is due partially or in full at registration. Payment is due in its totality before the start of the program.
  • There is no “credit” for days that you miss.
  • Contact Virginie at if you need help with payment.

Can I have a Make Up Day?

  • We do not offer make up days.
  • Riders are expected to show up on the days they’ve signed up to attend.

How do you set up groups?

  • Riding Groups are created and adjusted on-the-fly based on a number of factors including attendance, terrain, weather, experience, ability, age and motivation of the participants.
  • By default, we begin with age and then adjust by friendships / ability / experience to make efficient groups.
  • Slow vs. fast is not as big of a concern as many think. We’re riding to learn from each other and socialize, which means it’s usually easy to re-group and manage a ‘group speed’ that everyone can enjoy.
  • Riders and parents must communicate with their Coaches about their desires, goals and aspirations in order for us to set forth proper pathways for their development, but it is the Coach’s final decision about who rides in which groups. Riding in a “slower group” is sometimes important for proper skill and personal development — it is not a penalty.
  • Riders must earn their progression by showing respect for their Coaches & peers while exhibiting dedication, motivation and improvement.

Is BEA a Racing / Elite Junior Program?

  • Our mission is to offer a full range of Youth & Junior Cycling Development tracks for Beginners to Advanced, Recreational Riders and Racers!
  • Racing is encouraged for those who are interested above age 12 but it’s always optional. Racing is hard. Riding bikes should be fun! Sometimes those are the same, sometimes they’re not.
  • We encourage friendly, respectful competitions within our programs and suggest junior-friendly events for riders to try as a natural part of a rider’s progression.
  • Racing in sanctioned (OBRA or USAC) races begins at age 9 or 10 depending on the discipline.

Cycling Coaches

Virginie Calme

Coach's Bio

Virginie is a “retired” teacher from France. Since she moved to Bend in 2017, she’s embraced our Central Oregon’s outdoor life by teaching skiing  and downhill biking camps.

Her biking experience ranges from cyclocross to road and mountain biking. She loves ripping down the trails with the whole family. Favorite trail in Bend: Funner!

Gerod Alshire

Coach's Bio
Gerod is an Oregon native, ex-submariner and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. He moved to Bend from Uganda to pursue a career flying helicopters and has since imbedded himself in the outdoor industry.
When not on his bike or in the air, you’re likely to see him teaching skiing and snowboarding on Bachelor, guiding on one of the local rivers, or climbing at Smith.
Favorite trail: lapping Lower Whoops!

ryder talcott

Coach's Bio

Ryder moved to Bend from the Northeast with his sights set on larger mountains, rivers, and crags to play in.

Ryder has extensive experience leading multi-day adventure-based trips including activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, backpacking, and white-water paddling. He is passionate about outdoor recreation and experiential education and has been focused on sharing this passion with youth and young adults since 2017.

Favorite Trail near Bend: Lower Tiddlywinks.

Evan Grover

Coach's Bio

Evan is one of our highschool students who coaches for BEA.

He moved to Bend when he was one and has been on bikes and skis since he could walk.

He races cross country skiing and finished 5th twice at junior nationals. He thinks racing is fun but his favorite part about skiing and biking is exploring new places, like skiing up to Broken-Top or riding an entirely new trail system. In school, he’s kinda a math and science nerd!

young choi

Coach's Bio

Young is one of our instructors for younger riders.

She was born and raised in Pusan, South Korea, where she studied Business Administration.

Throughout the last 18 years, she has worked as a primary designer both interior and exterior for a residential home building business in Bend, Oregon.

After moving to Oregon, Young has discovered her love for the outdoors. She has  joined Mt. Bachelor as a PSIA certified youth ski instructor and in 2019 Young has joined the Sunriver Resort Marina. She believes that spending time in the mountains, nature, and the outdoors is a life necessity.

Young is motivated to connect with other people and help others discover what they love. In Young’s free time you can find her road biking, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, kayaking, reading books, or spending time with friends.

Favorite trail in the area: Metolius- Windigo Todd Lake

karen busick

Coach's Bio

Karen is one of our instructors for younger riders.

She is a Pacific Northwest native. She lived in Seattle with her husband and three kids where she was primarily a stay at home mom, but also worked for Webb’s Ski School as an Alpine Ski Instructor for their Children’s program. During this time she earned her certifications as a Professional Ski Instructor and a Children’s Specialist.

In 2012 she moved to Sisters to be closer to her family. During winter season, she’s an Alpine ski instructor at Mt. Bachelor.  In the summer she enjoys mountain biking, hiking and paddle boarding with her family and friends.

Karen loves teaching kids and sharing her passion for the outdoors with her students.

Favorite Trail: Upper Peterson Ridge

Natasha Visnack

Coach's Bio
Natasha is a current Junior at Summit High School who moved to Bend 7 years ago. She is an avid cyclist who competes at the state and national level in cyclocross and cross country mountain biking. When not on the bike you can find her volunteering with Bend’s health department, skiing with Summit’s cross country ski team, helping to lead Summit’s community service club, or hunkered down at her desk trying to crank out a speech for speech and debate. 
Favorite Trail: Farewell

Lou Bauer

Coach's Bio

Lou was born and raised in rural upstate New York. Growing up, he developed a lifelong passion for biking, skiing, hiking, camping and the outdoors. 

He served 25 years in the US Army in a wide variety of leadership positions. Lou deployed overseas to South Korea, Kosovo, Pakistan, Iraq (twice) and was awarded the Bronze Star in Afghanistan. He spent the last part of his army career managing millions of dollars designing and developing a wide variety of military systems such as combat vehicles and computer networks. 

Lou has traveled to 30 countries, 49 states and driven across the country 14 times. Lou now calls Bend, Oregon home. During the winter, he teaches downhill skiing at Mount Bachelor. Regardless of the season, he enjoys the wide variety of outdoor sports that central Oregon offers. 

He teaches not just the technical aspects of a sport, but also leadership, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, resilience and safety/risk management. Lou’s objective at the Bend Endurance Academy is to pass his love and respect for the outdoors and sports to others, while instilling confidence through setting and achieving goals.

Bonnie Randolph

Coach's Bio

Bonnie is a former teacher from the Philadelphia area.

She believes kids belong outside, so she left the classroom to merge her teaching skills with her love for the outdoors.

In the winter, Bonnie spends all hours shredding and teaching snowboarding. When the snow melts, she loves mountain biking, hiking, and paddling our beautiful trails and lakes.

Bonnie is passionate about the preservation and low-impact enjoyment of public lands, and she enjoys teaching kids to Leave No Trace.

Etan Bravard

Coach's Bio

Etan is one of our high schooler coaching for BEA

Etan was born in Portland and moved to Bend in 2017.

He’s been biking since he was 2 years old; he currently rides downhill and enduro, and races in regional and international events.

What Etan enjoys most about riding is exploring new trails and places with his friends and family.

He is looking forward to sharing his passion of riding with other kids.

His favorite trail is Dirt Merchant in Whistler Bike Park.

chris emme

Coach's Bio

Chris found out about BEA while working as a climbing guide in Australia. Contemplating a move to Central Oregon, BEA seemed like it would be a great outlet to help get kids outside, and it has been a great fit!

When not coaching, Chris enjoys climbing, bikepacking, backcountry skiing and leading overseas trips for high school groups.

The motto he aspires to live by is from Aldo Leopold, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

His favorite ride: Horse Butte to Horse Ridge and back!

max sobel

Coach's Bio

Max believes outdoor recreation is essential to health and well being. He has found his calling teaching mountain biking and skiing, helping kids develop the skills to safely enjoy and respect the outdoors.

Max’s background working on performance vehicles has provided a natural segue into fine-tuning and maintaining gear for the best performance possible.

When he’s not riding or skiing, you can find Max hiking, camping, and tossing discs.

His favorite trail is the Soquel Demonstration Forest Flow Trail in Santa Cruz, CA.