Chainbreaker Cross-Country XC MTB Race

Established 1995



The safety and wellness of our community is our highest priority. Therefore, the 2020 Cascade Chainbreaker has been postponed. We hope to have the opportunity to celebrate the 25th running of the event at a later date! Stay tuned for updates and contact ann@bendenduranceacademy.org for further information.

2019 Chainbreaker: 1-Minute Recap Video

All abilities welcome from beginners to professionals, juniors to masters!

While the Two Bulls fire impacted the area in 2014, the conditions are improving every year and more damaged trails are being restored every spring. The course is 100% on private land with rolling terrain, lava outcrops, open views of the Cascades and flowing singletrack. Two course distances make for appropriate challenges.

While on course, riders take several loops through the stadium area to make spectating and cheering fun for families. Spectators can hike along the trails to watch, and everyone can enjoy food, drinks, free beer from Deschutes and awards on site.

Proudly part of the Oregon XC Series and OBRA Junior Mountain Bike Series!

Hosted by the Bend Endurance Academy, this is a fundraiser that helps support all of our junior development programs and an important way for us to contribute to the mountain biking community!

Sponsored by:

Supported by:

Oregon XC Series

Adventure Medics

We’re The Würst Food Truck

RISE Brewing Co. Cold Brew Coffee

Natural Grocers for race & snack food

This is an OBRA event

Thank you to the landowners:

  • Todd Taylor
  • Summ Up LLC
  • Tumalo Irrigation District
  • Shanda Assets, managers of the Skyline Forest

Private Land & Notes

  • This is private property and the Bull Springs RD is closed to bicycles during weekdays until 6pm due to heavy truck traffic, but the trails beyond are available to ride.
  • The USFS Winter Range Closure means vehicle access is restricted from December through March on RD4606 and beyond — the gate is closed just south of Couch RD for motorized vehicles.
  • No Camping on the Private Land. Dispersed camping is allowed on USFS land nearby.


  • Signs will be posted on race day from Shevlin Park RD to help you.
  • From Bend, continue west on Newport Avenue as it becomes Shevlin Park RD
  • 0.4 miles past Shevlin Park, at the crest of the hill, turn LEFT onto Bull Springs RD. This section of private road is closed to bicycle traffic weekdays until 6PM due to heavy truck traffic. Cyclists can access through Shevlin Park up Mrazek trail (or from Skyliner RD) and head north on RD4606.
  • After 0.6 miles on pavement, turn RIGHT onto RD4606 (gravel road), it is a 4-way intersection with the gated Taylor NW property straight ahead. Do not go through their yellow sliding gate.
  • Continue 2.1 miles to Couch RD (dirt road), you will go through a USFS Winter Closure Gate (open after April 1) to the next left turn. Spray paint on tree says “CP2”, turn LEFT. Both sides of the road are fenced.
  • Stadium area is 0.5 miles up CP2, on the LEFT.
  • View Start Line on Google Maps
  • Caution — some navigation apps may send you a very long, strange route to get there. Use these directions as listed above.


  • Volunteer and receive race entry discount!
  • Contact Ann@bendenduranceacademy.org to sign up!


Ann Leitheiser

Chainbreaker Cross-Country XC MTB Race Information - Open for Details

Race Details and Course Maps


  • Open to the public and all BEA Junior Riders and Families
  • Rendezvous at the Start Line between 9:30 – 9:45 AM  Directions above.
  • While we can provide a few volunteers you should be prepared to ride on your own.
  • We cannot guarantee the course will be 100% marked for this event because this is an open forest with lots of users and it is possible that some markers could be removed, and we will not mark with course tape in the stadium area until the actual race-day. BRING A COURSE MAP / GPS and use the files posted here when they become available in a week or two before the event.
  • Email Ann@bendenduranceacademy.org for more details.


 Registration – TBA

Proudly part of the Oregon XC Series and OBRA Junior Mountain Bike Series!

  • Short Course is beginner-friendly, with generally smooth trails, but several steep climbs and some rocky sections near the finish.
  • Long Course features more climbing, more technical trails and always something new!
  • Pro / Cat 1 / SS Extension features the “Cliff Dweller Trail” near the finish.
  • $1,000 Cash Purse split among top-5 men & women on the Pro/Cat1/SS Course.
Long Course Fastest Overall Cash Payout
Men 1st $150
Men 2nd $120
Men 3rd $95
Men 4th $75
Men 5th $60
Women 1st $150
Women 2nd $120
Women 3rd $95
Women 4th $75
Women 5th $60
TOTAL $1,000

Courses change every year based on trail conditions in the burned and logged areas.


  • Free Kid’s Race on 1KM Loop
  • Register in person at event by signing waiver
  • Elite / Cat 1 / Singlespeed Men and Women at 10:45 AM
  • All Cat 2 Men / Women / Cat 2 JR / Clydesdale Men at 10:47 AM
  • All Cat 3 Men / Women / Juniors at 10:49 AM
We follow these XC Series Categories:

10:45 Start Wave & Cliff Dweller Extension:

  • Elite Men (requires an upgrade or prior approval from OBRA or a current USAC Pro License)
  • Cat 1 (Expert) Men 19-44
  • Cat 1 (Expert) Men 45+
  • Cat 1 Junior Men (requires an upgrade or prior approval from OBRA or a current USAC Pro License)
  • Elite Women (requires an upgrade or prior approval from OBRA or a current USAC Pro License)
  • Cat 1 (Expert Women)
  • Cat 1 Junior Women (requires an upgrade or prior approval from OBRA or a current USAC Pro License) 
  • Singlespeed Men
  • Singlespeed Women 
  • BOLD categories, in most cases, run on the longest courses and for this race will  run the “Cliff Dweller Extension” near the finish.

10:47 Start Wave on Long Course:

  • Cat 2 14-18 Junior Men ** Races with the Cat 2 (sport) Men 19-39 and requires an upgrade approval
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Men 19-39
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Men 40-49
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Men 50-59
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Men 60+
  • Clydesdale 200+ Men
  • Cat 2 14-18 Junior Women ** Races with the Cat 2 Women 19-39 and requires an upgrade approval
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Women 19-39
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Women 40-49
  • Cat 2 (Sport) Women 50+

10:49 Start Wave: Short Course

  • Cat 3 (Novice) Men 19-39
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Men 40-49 Cat 3 (Novice) Men 50 – 59
  • Cat 3 (Novice) 60+
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Junior Men 10-13
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Junior Men 14-18
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Women 19-39
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Women 40+
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Women 50 – 69
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Women 60+
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Junior Women 10-13
  • Cat 3 (Novice) Junior Women 14-18

Awards are scheduled to begin at 1:00PM near the Finish.


Just for fun, for any riders under age 12

  • 11:00 AM Wave starts
  • Balance Bikers do 200m on the gravel road
  • Pedal Bikes 16″ wheels or less = 1 lap on dirt
  • Pedal Bikes 20″ wheels = 2 laps on dirt
  • Pedal Bikes 24″ or larger = 3 laps on dirt
  • Start on the road like the real race, between Pro and Sport starts so lots of people can cheer!


BEGINNER COURSE: Age Group Juniors and Category 3 / Novice / Beginners

  • All Cat 3 and Age-Group Juniors 10:49 AM
  • Under 12 miles
  • Projected winning time of 1 hour
  • Less than 1000 feet of climbing
  • Course may change due to conditions before race day.




  • Elite / Cat1 / SS 10:45 AM
  • CAT 2 / Clydesdales 10:47 AM
  • Under 25 Miles
  • Projected winning time of under 2 hours
  • Less than 2000 feet of climbing
  • Course may change due to conditions before race day.


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