Triathlon Update

Haley Beal at the Deschutes Dash

The Bend Endurance Academy is pleased to highlight our triathlon team. Participants practiced twice a week from June through August and represented the Academy at both the Deschutes Dash and the Redmond Area Triathlon.

According to head triathlon coach Joanne Stevens, “The team has improved on the skills so much in such a short time. My main focal point is to improve each athletes weak area and give them confidence in that area while helping them strengthen the ones they already have. The most exciting component is seeing Jennifer riding a ride bike and watching Mitch improving his swimming and having the confidence to be able to race.”

Tri Team member Haley Beal, 19, attends Montana State. She had no prior triathlon experience and competed in the pairs division of the Deschutes Dash. Her favorite workout was road biking with Joanne and learning how to “kill the downhills and cut corners at high speeds.”  The most challenging discipline for Haley was the swimming, “it really improved my endurance as well as my aerobic capacity.”  Haley’s goal for next summer is to compete as an individual in the Deschutes Dash and beat the time that she and her partner set on their two person team.

Mitch Stevens, 13 from Westside Village school says that he really enjoys hill sprints on his bike and he’s been able to run a faster mile. He also feels his confidence has improved in all three sports thanks to his coach (and mom) Joanne.

Thanks to Adrienne Graham and Joanne Stevens for the photos.

Mitch Stevens and Jennifer Lyon at the Redmond Area Triathlon. Overall Co-Ed division champions. Congratulations!