North American Enduro Cup Recap

Last week six riders from the Enduro Team made the long journey to Kellogg, ID for the North American Enduro Cup with Coaches Bill & Caleb. The Silver Mountain Bike Park features incredibly steep fall-line trails, rooty off-camber runs through dense forest, traverses through high alpine scree fields — and we even had some snow drifts this year. While all of these features are fun to ride, they’re also very demanding physically and mentally so when they condensed last year’s event from two days into a single day for 2019 we trained really hard to make sure we were fully prepared.

“Because this event is so demanding, our riders kept talking about throughout the winter and spring at all of our strength practices,” explains Coach Bill. “We would jump into a set of leg-burning step-ups and be shouting ‘I’m going to need this at Silver Mountain!’ We’ve given this place and this event mythical status because the reality is that only the most prepared, strongest, confident riders are going to have any fun doing this event.” Not everyone enjoys riding or walking their bike up a ski area access road for hours at a time in the midday sun wearing full pads and a full-face helmet. But for those that don’t mind a little suffering, the NAEC has some golden treasures hidden in the hills of this famous mining town.

The Riders particularly like the large drop on the trail “Baby Swiss,” and the extended off-camber sections on “War Gerbil” present novel challenges for finding traction and holding lines, while the massive holes and blown out fall-line ruts on “Stix and Stones” test one’s balance and poise. And our riders loved how the top-to-bottom stage is so brutally long and rough that other competitors were having to stop multiple times to compose themselves in order to descend safely, but each of the BEA Riders crushed that stage and performed incredibly well through the entire event. They all finished the event feeling proud and strong.

Coach Bill says the riders have come a long way since even just last summer and that the team had great results this year. “We’ve always been able to coach good skills on the bike and develop peak riding fitness, but this strength program we began last summer has added more specific drills to enhance body-awareness, promote good movement patterns, and become more resistant to injury,” Coach Bill said. “Every week I have to tell the team that this is the strongest you’ve ever been, go enjoy it!”

So how did the riders do?

Check out the video and results below:


  • Elijah Krause 2nd JR Expert
  • Sam Day 21 JR Expert
  • Tanner Wescott 1st Sport Junior
  • Eli Prochaska 8th Sport Junior
  • Tanner Bermudez 9th Sport Junior
  • Cooper Day 12th Sport Junior
  • Coach Caleb 24th Expert Men
  • Coach Bill 31st Expert Men