Memorial Day Camp – Road and Freeride

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We are happy to present our first 2010 Junior Cycling Development Camp:

What: Choose Road or Freeride then spend 2 full days learning from experts, coaches, pros and peers.

When: Memorial Day Weekend, May 29 & 30

Arrive: Saturday morning 9 am at the office.

Cost: $55 per day or $100 for both days

How: Online Enrollment Form – Fill in the top part, then down at the bottom, look for Memorial Day Camp and choose your options.

Who can come?

The Road Camp is for ages 12-23, preferably with some racing experience, as this camp is about Road Racing. Experienced racers who are racing at Junior Nationals in Bend are especially encouraged to attend. You will learn in a relaxed team environment from eager teachers, which will help you progress to a category 1 rider faster!

The Freeride Camp is for those who just aren’t content with their wheels on the ground. Ages 12-23, some experience and willingness to progress is desired. This is not an intimidating jump-jam contest, this is a place to learn from the pros, your peers and show the world that Bend has some of the best freeriders in the world.

ROAD Camp Outline


  • Meet at 9:00 at the Academy office
  • Introductions and Presentations till 11:00
  • Preview all Junior National Courses with the event’s venue director, Bill Warburton. For those coming from out of town, this is a great opportunity to pre-ride the course so your training can be more specific to Nationals in June. Go here for Bill’s insider information about USA Cycling U23/Junior Road Nationals.
  • Lunch is included
  • Plan on riding for 4 hours. Other time will be spent scouting courses & working on skills.
  • Wrap-up by 4:00
  • BBQ or movie to follow, details yet to come


  • Meet at 9:00 at the Academy office
  • Depending on weather and conditions, our first choice is to ride part of the Century Drive loop around Mt. Bachelor. Alternate route will be Tumalo/Twin Bridges or Prineville Revervoir.
  • Plan on a 3 hour ride plus time spent practicing skills, drills and exploring.
  • Return to the office around 3:00.
  • Presentations and Wrap-up finished by 5pm.

FREERIDE Camp Outline


  • Meet at 9:00 at the Cog Wild office
  • Introductions, Presentations, Video till 10:00
  • Head to basic jumps / Slalom Track
  • Progress from there based on ability and conditions
  • Lunch will be in the field
  • Wrap-up by 4:00


  • Meet at 9:00 at the Cog Wild office
  • Presentations, Video till 10:00
  • Head to The Lair – depending on conditions
  • Lunch will be in the field
  • Wrap-up by 4:00

The Bend Junior Cycling Development Camp is organized by Bill Warburton, Cycling Director for the Bend Endurance Academy and Venue Director for USA Cycling’s Elite/U23/Junior Road Nationals in Bend. Contact him for all questions. Email bill at or call (Five Four One) Three Three Five – 1346.