2021 Gift Guide

2021 Bend Endurance Academy Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! We get a lot of questions about what gear we suggest over the year. Our directors and coaches have come up with a list of some of our favorite gear, most of which is available locally from our partners. Skip the shipping costs, shop small, and get your loved ones something they’ll love to use in the upcoming year.




Chalk Bucket Bundle

This bundle comes with a large chalk bucket with a double closure system and two drawstrings to keep your chalk inside the bag. With this bundle you can go for just the chalk bucket, or you can easily choose some add on options to round out your gift. 

You can choose to add smaller items such as a nail file, nail clipper, finger massage ring, super glue to help those and/or skin care accessories from Rhino to relax those hands after a day of climbing.

Where to find it: Rhino Skins Solutions

Ace Harness

Ultra-light harness with 3D-Vent Lite technology for demanding routes on rock and ice. The new waist belt shape offers even greater comfort. Thanks to the combination of Dyneema® on the inside and polyamide on the outside, the innovative tie-in loop is far lighter and more flexible.

Where to find it: Locally at Mountain Supply of Oregon or online at Edelrid

Mystix Climbing Shoes

The MYSTIX is a high-end climbing shoe with a powerful downturn for steep to extreme overhanging routes in the climbing gym and at the crag. Built on an aggressive and pointed last, the shoe allows very precise footwork on vertical and overhanging terrain.

Where to find it: Locally at Redpoint Climbers Supply or online at Red Chili Climbing 






Hestra Gloves

A Swedish company that only makes gloves…and makes them REALLY well! Warm and comfortable on all days and meant to last. Webskis has a few options online and in store for you to pick up locally.

Where to find them: Webskis or online at Webcyclery

Hats & Buffs From Sauce

Made in Bozeman, these caps and buffs have super cool colors and prints to elevate your style and comfort. Keeping warm is important to having a good time in the snow, and for many of our coaches a good buff is a necessity!

Where to find them: Webskis or online at Webcyclery (Hats), Webcyclery (Buffs)

Drink Belts

Drink belts help you keep water from freezing while you ski! They also give you a place to keep snacks and belongings. Webskis has a wide variety in stock so you can find one that fits you or your student perfectly. 

Where to find them: Webskis or online at Webcyclery





Crankbrothers Multi Tool

A good multi tool can save the day and can be found in any of our coach’s bags. For something small that covers a lot of bases, we suggest the Crankbrothers M5. 

Where to find it: Hub Cyclery (they have a few other options in their store too!) or online at Crankbrothers


A non-negotiable for mountain biking is a helmet. Most manufacturers recommend changing them every three years or after any hard impact. This essential piece of gear has seen a lot of improvement over the years, and MIPS helmets are providing top protection to athletes at any level.  If it’s time to upgrade, we suggest the Source MIPS helmet from Giro. 

Where to find it: Hub Cyclery or online at Giro

Push Bikes

Get them started early! Hub Cyclery still has Strider bikes in stock. They are a great entry into cycling for your little one. Plus, BEA has a new pushbike program coming in Spring.

Where to find it: Hub Cyclery or online at Strider Bikes




Hot Chocolate

Don’t forget to fill a thermos with the good stuff. For any winter activity, hot chocolate is a must. Laird Superfood has created a coco blend with some sneaky nutritional benefits to warm you up while you ski, climb, or bike through these colder days. Plus, their website has a few recipe suggestions to mix it up.

Where to find it: Many of the grocery stores in Bend carry Laird, but you can also find it online at Laird Super FoodFlannel Shirts

A staple in most Central Oregon wardrobes, a classic flannel. Designed locally, the Galveston flannel is made for any occasion. There are several different colors of flannels on the Cascade Armory website, so you can choose the perfect one.

Where to find it: Cascade Armory, Cascade ArmoryEye Protection

Any outdoor activity calls for sunglasses. Cascade Armory has a selection of sunglasses for fashion and function. Our mountain bike coaches wear the FlashBang shades which come with two interchangeable lenses so you can be prepared for any weather. 

Where to find it: Cascade Armory, Cascade Armory