Cyclocross Nationals 2016 Trip Report

The trip to Asheville, NC was one to remember. With five of our own athletes joined by some alumni, and others from across Oregon and Washington, the Northwest riders had excellent support from coaches, parents and each other.

The venue was beautiful, the weather was cooperative, the mud ranged from tacky to slick and the results were good:

Bend Endurance Athlete Results:

  • Henry Jones 5th (podium) 15-16 men
  • Ryder Uetrecht 5th (podium) 13-14 men
  • Tyler Lovejoy 75th 15-16 men
  • Calvin Keane 44th 15-16 men
  • Hannah Mavis 13th 17-18 women

Other Oregon Junior and Under-23 Rider Results:

  • Clara Honsinger, Ashland, 1st Division 2 Collegiate & 9th U23 women
  • Cameron Beard, Bend, 6th 17-18 men (selected for World Championship Team)
  • Joe Lukens, Lake Oswego, 58th 15-16 men
  • Donovan Birky, Bend, 26th 17-18 men
  • Brian Hart Jr, Washougal WA, 37th singlespeed men
  • Brendan Sheerin, Eugene, 32nd 15-16 men
  • Max Ritzow, Eugene, 28th 15-16 men
  • Gabrielle Lehnert, Eugene, 8th 15-16 women
  • Mckenna Mckee, Portland, 17th 13-14 women
  • Kent Ross “won” the Donut “Race” according to the officials, but was actually at least 4th…

Thank You!

We received a $2,500 donation from Bart Bowen’s CXMas Fund to support this trip; those funds were raised from both the CXMas Party and the Boneyard Ride Hard Finish Thirsty CX Race in September. This support made it possible to support all of these athletes with bike transport, housing, food and logistics.

Also, thank you to Oregon Bicycle Racing Association, Bike Flights and Joel Fletcher for helping us get all of our bikes there and back. Thanks to Steven Beardsley, Ira Ryan, and the parents who helped with meals, logistics and supporting the kids at the races.

We have a great community of support from Oregon that makes these trips possible, affordable and fun.


“I was nervous on the start line seeing some guys double my weight and have ten inches on me. The call for thirty seconds came, everyone shuffled into starting their positioning the whistle blew. My coach chad told me to always look up and watch everyone’s helmets; sure enough I saw three Helmets drop and I quickly escaped a rough pavement crash. In the end I wasn’t completely pumped on my result, but I gave it everything I had. I am looking forward to next year, I have learned so much about racing cyclocross at a national level. I will be ready to hit it hard next year in Hartford.”

Calvin Keane, 14, Bend

“The course was physically brutal but a ton of fun! It was amazing to see the pros ride the same course we did. An all around amazing experience!”

Tyler Lovejoy, 15, Bend

“I had a great trip and being able to explore Asheville was one of my favorite parts. The course was hard but I’m proud of my race and the effort and I hope to achieve the same level of ambition next time I’m at a national race.”

Hannah Mavis, 16, Bend

“My race was a big rush, I was super nervous before the start but as soon at the whistle blew it was a blur. It was just about passing as many people as possible and not going out too hard. I had some good luck in avoiding crashes and had to put in some hard attacks to move up in the race. Eventually I got into 5th with one lap to go and I really had to dig on that last lap but I made up time on the kids in front of me. Asheville was super cool to visit, and the course was amazing.”

Henry Jones, 15, Bend

“It was good times all around at CX Nationals with the PDX Devo, Bend Endurance Academy and Breadwinner Cycles crew. I like that all three of these programs value the time off the bike just as much as the time on it.”

Steven Beardsley, PDX Devo Coach

“The course was really fun to ride, and it changed a lot from day to day, so we had to make some adjustments along the way but the riders were prepared mentally, physically and we had lots of helpers so the challenges were always fun. Since last year’s trip ended so badly with lots of negative feelings, we were all relieved to have a great experience. I doubt that the Biltmore will have this event back, so it’s probably a once in a lifetime experience to ride on their property. I can’t wait to bring the team again next year!”

Bill Warburton, BEA Cycling Director