Buy Another Van Campaign!


Nordic 2015 Bazemore

What do you think of when you think of the Academy? We recently asked this question of some of our key supporters and here’s what we heard.


BEA is an integral part of our community.

  • We are parent partners and kid advocates. BEA kids learn that there are supportive adults in the BEA community who have something to teach them, who care, who can be trusted, and who are mentors.
  • We look after each other, we cheer each other on, we face adversities together, and we celebrate as teams and as a community.
  • We act as responsible stewards of our trails and natural environment.

BEA teaches kids the joy of endurance sports.

  • Endurance sports are lifelong activities. They are both individualistic and, team based. You can do them wherever you have snow, rock and dirt. They don’t necessarily depend on forming a team or wearing a uniform. These sports are yours forever.
  • There is something undeniably joyous about getting to play, explore, and have fun in nature. Kids want to do this instinctively. BEA just says YES to that instinct and gives it room to pedal, climb and glide.


We have also learned that each year more and more kids and families want to experience the joy of endurance sports. We are being asked to grow. And, once again, our transportation infrastructure is maxed out. This spring we’ve had to waitlist kids for our Wednesday afterschool programs. We do not have enough seats to accommodate everyone for our summer programs that begin in early June. We want to make sure our programs stay affordable and accessible to everyone and that’s where you can help us.

Last year we reached out to you with our “tires, trailers, racks and a bus” campaign. Because of you, we met our goals and were able to purchase a bus, a big enclosed trailer to haul gear, and put some new rubber on some of our 15 passenger workhorses. You know from last year’s appeal that we are dedicated to providing transportation as part of the BEA experience. When we drive your kids to the trailhead, we save you the time and trouble. But, just as important, when we drive your kids to the trailheads they get the full BEA experience. Ask your kids. The journey is half of the fun.

Now we need your help with our “buying another van campaign”. Your gift toward purchasing our fifth van is extremely important to the success of the organization and will have immediate impact as we work to accommodate the growth of our programs.

Please consider making as generous a gift as you can- $500, $100 or even $25 will make a difference, I promise. Every contribution means a great deal to everyone at the Academy and we truly value your commitment to helping us grow and make our programs more accessible to more kids. Your support through program fees and donor contributions over the years has helped make us the outstanding organization that we are.



Ben Husaby

Executive Director

All contributions to Bend Endurance Academy are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We will mail your donor receipt as soon as we receive your donation! Thank you for choosing to support Bend Endurance Academy.