Bend Endurance Cycling 2011

2011 Cycling Spring Update:  We held our initial cycling meeting at our office: 7pm, Wednesday, March 9th. The meeting outlined our vision of the direction the Academy’s cycling programs will take as well as how our programs relate to other opportunities for juniors in Bend.
We covered:

Bend Endurance Academy Programs

  • XC Mountain bike – starts March 15th!
  • Road – starts March 15th!
  • Freeride Mountain Bike – starts in May
  • Open Enrollment, join anytime, pay for what you use
  • Cyclocross – starts in September
  • Youth, Development and Competition levels explained
  • volunteers needed, varying levels of commitment
  • paid positions are limited


High School Cycling Overview
  • What’s the status of the teams in Bend?
  • Who’s making new teams?
  • How does this relate with the Academy?
  • XC and Cyclocross Series for HS Teams
Junior Racing Opportunities (Local and Regional)
  • Ages 10 – 18
  • What about U23 Riders?
  • XC Mountain bike Junior Race Series info
  • How is this different from High School Racing?
  • Roles for Local Teams and adult racers who want to help
  • Sponsors and supporters, current, prospective and needed
Stand-Alone Camps and Trips (from the Academy & Cog Wild)
  • Open to all riders from across the region
  • Overnight tips for ages 12 – 18 for XC, Freeride and Road
  • Mid-week overnights offered through Cog Wild from June – August
  • Weekend Development Camps May – September
  • Group Travel to races outside of Bend to reduce costs
I wanted to have this meeting now to get more people in the loop about Junior Cycling in Bend. I could break this up into 5 meetings and a 10-part lecture, but instead, I’ll present the overall picture for you to see what’s happening and give you resources to get involved or learn more.
I will hold a separate High School planning meeting in April about Mountain biking and Cyclocross, but we need to get started now so that next meeting is more productive.
Who should come?
  • Parents of anyone who wants to ride in an Academy program this year
  • Athletes aged 12 – 22 who are in middle school, high school or COCC who want to ride with a program this year
  • Athletes under 12 do NOT need to attend
  • Local cycling leaders who want to remain informed
  • You
How to get here: we’re at 500 SW Bond, on the SE corner of the Wilson / Bond Roundabout in the Old Mill. It’s the last driveway before the roundabout, coming from Reed Market. It’s a huge parking lot with the OBRA trailer. Come inside and follow the signs upstairs to the “Yoga Room.”
William Warburton
Cycling Director