Bend Don’t Brake Supports Academy

Amanda Atwill, director of the Bend Don’t Brake Road Race, announced today that the race is giving back $4,750 to the cycling community. In her statement, she says, “We are awarding Bend Endurance Academy $3,000. West Coast Women’s Cycling Team $1,000 and Bend Velodrome Project $750. You are all a part of this great donation and it makes me proud to be a part of a community that pays back.”

Amanda Atwill with some beginner women lining up to race.

Academy volunteers drove cars, marshaled corners and provided support to beginner racers so they could be more comfortable with their first time road racing experience. Four junior men and women Academy Riders also took part in the races.

Thanks to the volunteers and thanks to Amanda for the generous support!

As Amanda says, “It takes a small army of people to make this course safe for racers and our volunteers do it in the wind, rain, cold, and always with a smile. I’ve never had so many racers comment on the smiles and cheers they receive from our volunteers. Thank you!”

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Academy Riders Cameron Beard and Dawson Stallings lead the Men 4/5 Race