Academy Coach Profile

Joanne Stevens: Academy Multisport Coach

Where I come from: I grew up as a swimmer, raced through middle and high school. Only girl of 5 kids- I have very athletic brothers. Played every sport imaginable. Started competing in triathlon at 24, later road racing and then cyclo-cross. I’ve always been involved in sports, I taught swim lessons to kids and adults.

What I have taught: Taught bike safety awareness in and out of the classroom to school age kids. Coached youth soccer. Became a personal trainer-I started having friends and then clients ask me for help with training for various endurance endeavors.

Why I coach: I got such an enjoyment out of seeing and helping them and pulling on all my experience, to help them reach their goals. I realized this is what I wanted to do, coach.

What I like in life: Being with my kids. I get a kick out of riding my bike with my 14 year son, thinking back to when I taught him how to ride a bike and now seeing him bike along side me and hoping he doesn’t drop me on the hills.  I love playing in Bend; every season has something fun to do.

Coaching Philosophy: Sports should always be enjoyable. No matter how hard you are training and what goals you are trying to accomplish, never forget to have fun.

Goal for the season with the Multisport Team: I hope that I can introduce kids to the world of Multisports. Help them improve their skills.  Help them identify some goals.  Help them reach their personal goals. I would love to see some of them compete in a triathlon and show them how fun it is.

What I provide as a individual triathlon coach for adults: Whether doing your first triathlon, want to improve your next endurance event or get in shape; I organize a personalized training program focused at helping my clients attain personal fitness objectives according to abilities, time constraints, and training preferences.

Athletic accomplishments:

2010 Deschutes Dash Triathlon, Bend, 1st Female Overall
2005 Pro-Elite, Grand Prix Cyclo-Cross, Seattle, 25th
2005 US National Cyclo-Cross Championship, 35-39, 8th
2004 Pro-Elite, Grand Prix Cyclo-Cross, Portland, 20th
2004 US National Cyclo-Cross Championship, 35-39, 8th
2004 Elite Cyclo-Cross State Championship, 5th
2003 Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon, 1st overall female
2003 Witch City Triathlon, 1st overall female
2003 US National Cyclo-Cross Championship, 35-39, 6th
2001 ITT Oregon State Championship, 2nd
1999 ITT Oregon State Championship, Master 30-35, 1st
1988 Nike World Master RR, Oregon, 5th