2016 Fall Newsletter

The best organizations- those that garner loyal supporters, that thrive over time, that make a lasting impact – are guided by a clear and motivating vision.

Since our founding nearly eight years ago, BEA has grown from humble beginnings to serving more than 800 kids in 2016. Countless supporters have contributed to BEA’s growth and positive impact. We couldn’t have come this far without the passion and hard work of the founding board and staff.

Today, as the BEA board and management plan for the future, we have challenged ourselves to define clearly the vision that I believe has always motivated what we do. In this process, I have conjured the images that have most inspired me. They are of a teen in his racing jersey guiding a pre-schooler on a strider through an obstacle course; a girl stretching for a rock hold with her teammates cheering her on; the National Nordic Sprint champion coaching a 12-year-old at the start of her first race.

These images are about more than sport and recreation. They are about community. The BEA community means different things to different people. For some, it is about playing in the snow or dirt; others cherish the team camaraderie; still others drive to compete at the top of their sport. Coaches are inspired by the joy of a kid learning a new skill, overcoming a fear, or success in their first race. Parents encourage their kids in their quest for more independence, to care for their own equipment, to be supportive teammates, to set their own goals and strive to reach them.

Regardless of what each of us takes from and contributes to the BEA community, I believe we are all motivated by a common vision for a world with active, inspired and more engaged people. The BEA community is an antidote to the stresses of modern life that too often leave people feeling cynical, run down, or isolated.

We are kids giggling in the snow, tweens exploring beyond the video screen, young adults striving to be the best we can be, coaches sharing the joy of our sport, and parents trying something new ourselves. And we are all energized by the possibilities ahead.

As we approach our tenth birthday in 2019, we will work to communicate and realize our vision. As you read this newsletter, pick up your kids after a session of fun on the trails, or cheer them on at competitions, please ask yourself how the BEA community inspires you, and how you can contribute to securing BEA’s future and the vision that drives us.

Cris Himes, Board President


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