High Desert Gravel Grinder – Volunteers Needed

BEA Friends, Families, and Supporters;

Bend Endurance Academy is the event beneficiary of the upcoming High Desert Gravel Grinder coming up June 4th.  As part of BEA being the event beneficiary of this great biking event, we will need to source and staff about 20 volunteer spots.  This is a great opportunity for our participants and families to volunteer and give back to our community all while benefiting Bend Endurance Academy

There’s something for everyone here and no experience is necessary! Most volunteer spots only require 1 – 2.5 hrs.  Volunteers can either drive out on their own to the position they signed up for, or they can meet at BEA at 8:00am and we’ll provide a shuttle!
NOTE: Aid Station #3 will need their own transportation. BEA shuttle will leave BEA offices at 8:00am and return to BEA offices around 1:00pm
To see a full list of volunteer positions and sign-up CLICK HERE
If you’re driving out on your own you can see a complete map and location of volunteer positions HERE
Thanks so much in advance for your time!

BEA Announces New Location

For Immediate Release
Ben Husaby

(Bend, OR) Bend Endurance Academy (BEA) is excited to announce they have moved into a new location at 442 NE 3rd street! “I am excited by the possibilities of the new facility. We are centrally located with seven times the space we had at the old location,” says BEA Executive Director Ben Husaby. “The new facility will expand our equipment storage and work space, add strength and conditioning equipment, and allow us to offer more climbing-based programming.”

The Bend Endurance Academy currently offers programs for Nordic Skiing, Cycling, and Rock Climbing. You can learn more about The Academy and sign up for programs at bendenduranceacademy.org.


Sponsor Highlight: Bowen Sports Performance

Question: What do you think/feel when you see an inspired young person actively engaged in an outdoor experience?

Bowen Sports Performance“With most kids and young adults glued to a screen of some sort most of the day, seeing a young person actively engaged in an outdoor experience gives me hope and affirmation that true exploration and personal growth happens when we get outside. A growth that includes confidence in our abilities, trust in others, and humility to listen and be present in the moment.”

Bike Rodeos presented by Hutch’s Bicycles

Bike Rodeos are fun obstacle courses for kids to play on bikes!

Hutch’s Bicycles of Bend provides great support at our bigger events:

  • Hutch’s Representative to answer questions about kid’s bikes
  • Help with helmet-fitting
  • Loaner bikes of all sizes provided for the event so anyone can participate
  • Handouts with great info for families who ride
  • BEA / Hutch’s Nameplates if kids want to put one on their bike

BEA Riders and Parents are invited to volunteer at these events!

April 7 & 8, Friday and Saturday

April 22, Saturday

  • Earth Day Fair Bike Rodeo
  • Troy Field, 11 AM – 2PM
  • Free!
  • Hutch’s representative and loaner bikes available

July 24, Monday

  • BEA MEGA-Skills Course Bike Rodeo
  • Expanded features and terrain for more fun!
  • Location TBD
  • 5:00 – 7:00 PM
  • $5 per rider
  • Intro for BEA programs, meet BEA Youth MTB Coaches
  • Loaner bikes available

July 29, Saturday

  • Ballons Over Bend Bike Rodeo
  • Riverbend Park, 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Free to ride, but event may charge admission
  • Hutch’s representative and loaner bikes available

September TBD

  • Deschutes Children’s Festival Bike Rodeo
  • Riverbend Park, 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Free to ride, but event may charge admission
  • Hutch’s representative and loaner bikes available

Schools & Community Groups

Rent our Bike Rodeo for your own events!

Email Bill@bendenduranceacademy.org to learn more.


2017 Enduro Team Race Schedule & Calendar


Head Enduro Coach
Rex Shepard

Spring Practices

  • March through June
  • Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
  • 3:15-6:15pm

Summer Practices

  • July-August
  • Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
  • 9:30am-12:30pm

Target Races for the Team


  • 4/19-23 Sea Otter Classic Monterey, CA


  • 5/7 Dog River Super D (Mountain Man Challenge)
    • usually free to juniors
  • 5/19-20 Post Canyon Enduro (Cascadia Dirt Cup) Hood River, OR
    • Youth 13U $40 Adult $85


  • 6/10 Oregon Enduro Series 5 Stage Enduro Bend, OR
  • 6/25 Timberline / Ski Bowl Enduro (Mountain Man Challenge)
    • usually free to juniors
  • OR 6/23-25 North American Enduro Cup (Cascadia Dirt Cup) Silver Mountain Resort, Kellogg, ID


  • 7/21-22 Capital Forest Enduro (Cascadia Dirt Cup) Olympia, WA
    • Youth 13U $40 Adult $85
  • 7/30 Sandy Super D (Mountain Man Challenge) Mt. Hood, OR
    • usually free to juniors
  • Mt. Bachelor Gravity Races (Friday evenings)


  • Mt. Bachelor Gravity Races (Friday evenings)
  • 8/26-27 Oregon Enduro Series Mt. Bachelor, OR
    • Coach Rex gone but another Coach will be available


  • 9/15-16 Ranger Creek Enduro (Cascadia Dirt Cup) Greenwater, WA
    • Adult $85
  • 9/29-10/1 Cascadia MTB Championships Port Angeles, WA
    • Enduro $85, Downhill $85


  • 10/7-8 Ashland Mountain Challenge (California Enduro Series) Ashland, OR
    • Registration opens 3/1 at 8pm (Usually sells out)

Sponsor Highlight: COPA

Question:  What do you think/feel when you see an inspired young person actively engaged in an outdoor experience?

Central Oregon Pediatric Association: One prescription for a healthy and happy life is to enjoy a “dose of outside” every day. There’s nothing more fulfilling to us at COPA than seeing a child play and laugh outdoors, taking in the clean air and sunshine, and building a sense of confidence with every step.

Sponsor Highlight: Focus Physical Therapy

Question:  What do you think/feel when you see an inspired young person actively engaged in an outdoor experience?

Focus Physical Therapy: Encouraging our young generations to discover outdoor activities is important to our team for so many reasons. where to begin? it gives us great satisfaction to see this generation learning to move, getting exercise, engaging with the outdoors in a positive way/learning to appreciate all our seasons and how to thrive in them, learning teamwork and goal setting, and acquiring the discipline to work towards individual as well as team/group goals while also having fun.

Exercise, recreation, training and experiencing the outdoors through movement all create positive changes on learning and behavior, fostering the development of healthy attitudes towards their bodies, their team-mates, and our environment.

Caring about themselves in a healthy way – “how am I working to meet my goals? where do I need work?” is a prerequisite for caring about others and the world we live in.

We value the athlete, scholar, environmental advocate – each of these terms can be defined broadly – for example ‘athlete’ doesn’t have to mean 5% body fat and podium finishes – it’s a physical culture that embraces movement, fitness goals at any level of ability and development and positive drive and motivation towards goals both internal and external.

Each of these abilities and qualities takes modeling, encouragement, coaching and instruction, as the culture for many Americans may be lacking in basics in these areas. That’s where supporting BEA means so much to each one of us at Focus Physical Therapy. 

Sponsor Highlight: Oregon Ski Guides

Question:  What do you think/feel when you see an inspired young person actively engaged in an outdoor experience?

Oregon Ski Guides:  When I see young people actively engaged in the outdoors, I see the twinkle in their eyes. I see them coming to terms with their environment. I also know they don’t how lucky they are to live in such a great place here in Bend, with so many options for experiencing outdoor activities. Whether landing a jump on a bike, skiing down a great run, or experiencing pushing themselves hard in a bike race and succeeding, it brings me joy, and brings the kids a sense of satisfaction that can only be brought about by the outdoors.

Cyclocross Season & Nationals Recap

Our Cyclocross Team is an amazing group of junior athletes supported by fantastic coaches who all worked really hard this season. Head Coach Bill Warburton says, “Cyclocross is all about racing at your maximum output so we strive to keep the training fun and supportive, then it’s up to the riders to push themselves to new heights.”

BEA Team Stats:

  • 33 riders, including 4 girls
  • representing 9 local schools plus home-school
  • Ages 10 – 18
  • 6 Coaches
  • 260+ Race starts
  • Oregon Junior Cyclocross Overall Team Winner
  • Three OBRA State Champions
  • A 3rd place finish at CX Nationals

Beyond the numbers, it’s how this team works together so well every day at practice, or on the road, or racing with their peers that makes us proud.

This video and gallery recaps the regular season here at home:


And the video and gallery below bring you some of the action from our trip to Hartford, CT for Cyclocross Nationals in January, 2017:


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