Nordic Skiing

Bend Endurance Academy’s Nordic programs are designed for all abilities of youth, junior, and adult cross-country skiers. All practice sessions are led by professional coaches who promote winter fun in a safe environment where skiers improve their skills. Some of our participants are just learning to ski and others are motivated to improve their efficiency and fitness; some may never compete while others are striving to be their best in state, regional or even national competitions. We teach the joys of nordic skiing and foster a life long passion for being outside all year round. We hope to meet you soon.


The Nordic Team


  • Thank you for a great season.
  • All 2018-2019 Winter Nordic Programs are complete.
  • Spring and Summer Program enrollment will be open soon.
  • For more information, please contact Coach Zach Hill at zach@bendenduranceacademy.org

How to Choose a Program

  • Choose a season: Winter, Fall, Spring, or Summer
  • Find your child’s age and appropriate program
  • Lastly, decide your level of commitment, or days per week.
  • Still not sure? Contact us!

Nordic Skiing Information - Open for Details

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Yes! BEA offers athletes the opportunity to train full-time and year round with a team in beautiful Central Oregon! This page will be updated soon – see our Summer Comp and Comp program pages for the big picture.

Nordic Teams:

Bend Endurance Academy offers training options for Junior Nordic skiers (ages 11-19) of all skill levels who want to improve in their Nordic ski racing. We believe in a balanced approach towards training that promotes success through teamwork, commitment, hard effort, and an overall positive healthy attitude. This approach displays itself in athletics, school, and all aspects of a student-athlete’s life. No matter what the goal – technique improvement, participating in High School ski races, being named to the PNSA Junior National Team, or selection to the Junior World’s Team, BEA is focused to help athlete’s reach their highest potential.

Training with Bend Endurance Academy fosters improvements through belonging to a positive team culture that supports and embraces an active, healthy, and outdoor lifestyle. Come join and train with the Bend Endurance Academy family.

Comp Team:

The goal of the BEA Comp Team is to prepare athletes ages 14-19 to compete at a national or international level. Training is based on a year-round model.

Comp Team training options:

  • Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer specific training
  • Training camps
  • Race support at PNSA JNQ and select other races
  • Devo Team:

    The goal of BEA Devo Team is to provide training opportunities for athletes ages 11-14. The Devo Team is designed to close the gap between our Youth programs and the BEA Comp Team. We encourage athletes to participate in multiple sports (i.e. mountain biking, rock climbing, cross-country running, soccer, volleyball, ultimate, etc.), so our team practice and camps are scheduled to allow for participation in other sports/teams.

    Devo Team training options include:

    • Winter 3, 2, & 1 day per week training options.
    • Training camps
    • Race support at select local races

    High School (HS) Team:

    Not all high school age endurance athletes want to commit to working towards qualifying for Junior Nationals yet. The goal of the BEA HS Team is to offer a fun opportunity for high school athletes to work on their technique, learn more about cross-country skiing, or use skiing as a winter crosstraining for cycling or other sports. BEA HS Team practices will focus on technique development in both skate and classic, enjoying being active outdoors during winter months, adventure, and fun.

    HS Team training options:

    • Winter 3 & 2 day per week training options.
    • Support at select local events.


NEW PROGRAM! Climbers, cyclists, and skiers – your coaches have created a new academy wide program to supplement your sport specific training. Professional strength and conditioning coaches will lead you through strength progressions designed to help you reach your athletic goals. This program will focus on maximizing strength and power, applying strength and power in your specific sport, identify imbalances and weaknesses to prevent injury and optimize your athletic performance!

Tuition – call for more details

Dates: Year round

Days and Time:  

Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 am – 7:00 am

Nordic Youth Club:

The very popular Bend Endurance Academy Youth Club is a fun-focused program that introduces young people (ages 7-11) to the basics of cross-country skiing and the joys of winter. During the weekend sessions, participants will learn both classic and skate technique through ski games, skill exercises and skiing adventures from an enthusiastic, experienced, and professionally trained group of coaches. As skiers improve throughout the season we enjoy challenging Youth Club members with longer skis and tours to all of the secret spots around the Meissner trail system. Skiers are paired with friends, by ability or desire or even by favorite coach. We make it work!

Two 4 week sessions will be offered in 2019. You are welcome to sign-up for 1 session or both sessions. Also, Saturday and Sunday Youth Clubs are available; if you want your skier to ski twice each weekend sign-up for both Saturday and Sunday clubs. (Sunday Master’s groups will be offered to overlap Youth Club so parents can learn how to ski while the kids are out skiing as well).

Tuition $150/session

Nordic Youth Afterschool:

BEA Nordic staff is excited to offer another year of Wednesday After School Nordic. This program is designed for elementary school aged children (ages 7-11) who may have little or no experience with Nordic skiing. Participants will learn the basics of the “classic” technique from our enthusiastic, experienced and professionally trained group of coaches. The goal of the program is to get kids outside and moving in a winter environment. Skiers are paired with friends, ability/desire, or even favorite coach. We make it work.

We will provide pick-up options for the following schools:

  • Amity Creek Elementary
  • High Lakes Elementary
  • Highland Elementary
  • Juniper Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Westside Village Magnet School

Transportation from school to Meissner Sno-Park and back to town is provided. We will return to the Bend Endurance Academy Office (442 NE 3rd St) for skier pick-up at 5:30 pm every Wednesday.

Mini Nordies:

We are heading into our ninth year with this great program and couldn’t be more excited! This program inspires youngsters ages 4-6 to give Nordic skiing a try – teaching them the joys of sliding, playing, falling, and rolling around on the snow. Parents, you will be very impressed with what your child is capable of doing on skis- particularly after they get a chance to learn from their peers and our awesome coaches.

Mini Nordies meet for four consecutive Sundays for one hour where participants take part in easy, introductory ski skills and games. Class sizes are small and the focus is on fun. We offer two sessions over the winter so families can extend ski time for their young ones.

Participants must provide their own skis, poles, boots. No experience is necessary and we meet at the Meissner Nordic Community Ski Trails only 13 miles west of Bend. No ski pass necessary.

We partner with several schools to offer customized programs to their students. These programs are designed to provide young skiers an opportunity to get outside, be active, and learn the fun of cross-country skiing. Skiers will be with friends from their school and extend the school day to the outdoor classroom of the ski trails once a week.

Cascades Academy and REALMS will meet on Tuesdays. Pick-up from school and transportation back to the Bend Endurance Academy office.  

Montessori Center of Bend will meet on Thursdays. Pick-up from school and return to the Northwest Crossing Montessori location for parent pick up.


Montessori Center of Bend


Cascades Academy

Seven Peaks

Masters Ski Groups with BEA: BEA offers Master ski programs for skiers of intermediate to advanced ability. All our Master ski programs are held on the trails at the Meissner Sno-Park as snow and grooming allows. Each participant is required to have their own Oregon Sno-Park pass and we encourage donations to the Meissner Nordic group (https://meissnernordic.org).

Winter Women’s Group: Tuesday Mornings (9:30-11:30) Our popular Nordic Fall Ladies group is continuing through the winter. Join us for on snow sessions. This high energy group is bound to improve both your fitness and skiing efficiency. Come join us! Feel like you need some positive group energy to get you out the door? Want to improve your skating and start zipping around the trails? Looking to build strength and stamina this winter? Want to find a snow sport that keeps you fit for another active Bend summer? This group is for you! Bring a friend or two and let’s get more ladies hooked on Nordic this winter!

Session #1: 1.8.19 – 1.29.19 Tuesday: 9:30 am – 11:30 am Session #2: 2.5.19 – 2.26.19 Tuesday: 9:30 am – 11:30 am Cost: $125

Winter Adult Nordic Program: Thursday or Sunday mornings The Bend Endurance Adult Nordic Program inspires adults to improve their skate skiing while enjoying the Meissner Nordic Community Ski Trails just west of Bend. The Adult Ski Program has educated and inspired hundreds of skiers and our experienced and passionate coaching staff are motivated to help you too! Skate skiing is a great way to stay fit during the winter months and compliments so many of the other great activities that Central Oregon offers. Skate skiing is always a work in progress, however, and our experienced coaches are motivated to help you progress in a technical sport while improving your level of fitness. Our goal is to leave you excited rather than exhausted! This will be one of the best learning programs you will ever attend- whether you are an accomplished skater or a relative newcomer.

      • Learn modern Nordic skate techniques
      • Increase your fitness and efficiency
      • Learn through established progressions
      • Improve steadily over the winter to become a more confident and faster skier
      • Receive personal attention in small groups with like abilities

Thursday Morning Master’s Class (both Men and Women welcome) 

Session #1:1.03.19 – 1.24.19 Thursday: 9:30 am – 11:30 am Session #2: 2.7.19 – 2.28.19 Thursday: 9:30 am – 11:30 am  

Sunday Morning Master’s Class (both Men and Women welcome) Coach: Don Leet 

Session #1: 1.06.19 – 1.27.19 Sunday: 9:30 am – 11:00 am Session #2: 2.3.19 – 2.24.19 Sunday: 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Ages and Ability Academy Masters Programs are intended for adult skiers (>20 yrs old) who have some experience with Nordic skiing. If you are a beginner and would like to learn to ski, try Meissner Nordic’s “Learn to Ski” days to explore the sport or schedule a private lesson with our experienced staff below! We can’t wait to ski with you!

Adult Ski Program Options:

Tuesday:       Women’s Group, 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Thursday:     Co-Ed Master’s Group, 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Sunday:         Co-Ed Master’s Group, 9:30 am – 11:00 am

BEA Trail Kids

TRAIL KIDS teaches youth ages 7-11 outdoor literacy and a connection to nature through outdoor activities and inclusive events with a focus on having fun and developing skills in a safe environment.

Trail kids will work on ski specific balance drills and games in preparation to jump on your skis when the snow arrives. Suitable for all ability levels.

Trail Kids options: 4-week sessions

  • Spring
  • Summer Session 1
  • Summer Session 2
  • Fall

Equipment: Participants will need to come dressed for the weather of the day with good running shoes, water bottle, and drink belt.

2019 Nordic Training Camps

Improve your skiing at a Nordic Training Camp. Camps are aimed at systematically improving your technique, fitness, strength and overall athletic preparation. With multiple coaches and lots of experience, these camps serve all needs. From relative beginners to NCAA skiers and world cup racers, these camps are designed to fit your needs and give your skiing a mid-summer boost.

All participants will receive an informative email prior to the start of their camp including full camp details and packing lists. Roller skiing is a major component of the training cycle so brush up!

Potential Camps for 2019

  • May 2019: Bend On-Snow Camp
  • July 2019: Oregon Dryland Camp
  • August 2019: Methow Camp on Vancouver Island, BC – Passport required
  • Thanksgiving Camp 2019: Silver Star, BC – Passport required

Training Activities:roller-skiing (classic and skate), strength, plyometric and agility drills, pole bounding, roller-ski time trial, and epic off-trail adventures. Contact Coach Zach Hill for more information at zach@bendenduranceacademy.org.

Can I schedule a make-up day?

  • We expect skiers to come on the day they have signed up to attend. Switching days is tough on the coaches and can disrupt groups; please do not come on a day that you are not signed up to attend.
  • No make-up days for full programs or after school programs.
  • There is no “credit” for days that you miss.
  • We only pro-rate tuition for late sign ups after a program’s start date when available.

How do you assign skiers into groups?

  • We create groups on any day based on a number of factors including terrain, weather, experience, ability, age and motivation of the participants.
  • By default, we begin with age and then adjust by friendships / ability / experience to make efficient groups.

What is the best program for my child?

  • Start with their age. All programs have a minimum age, some have a maximum age. Exceptions must be approved by the Head Nordic Coach.
  • We can always switch groups or programs once they get started. There’s a lot of info on this page. Get started, go for a ski, and check in with the coach afterward to see if we need to make any adjustments to groups or programs.
  • Ability must be evaluated by our coaches, and skiing in “slow groups” is not a bad thing — we are trying to ski as a team so being in a bunch is often part of how the skiers get to socialize with each other.
  • If a skier wants to try a next-level group please talk to the coaches at practice.
  • Skiers must earn their progression through dedication, participation and demonstrated mastery.

What about racing?

  • Racing is always optional.
  • We do mock races and relays at some practices, for all ages, but racing in sanctioned races is only allowed if the skier is 10 or older by December 31st of the current year.
  • Skiing is a team sport and racing is encouraged for those 12 and older.


Nordic Coaches

Darragh Hildreth

Nordic Youth Coordinator

Email: darragh@BendEnduranceAcademy.org

Cell: 541-350-6890

I was part of the first generation of skiers to race for BEA. I started nordic racing when I was 10 years old since I was already working to keep up with older brothers. My sophomore year of high school, I won the Oregon State Title and qualified for Junior Nationals 4 times representing PNSA. Finally I raced briefly for Montana State University. Outside of skiing, I enjoy competitively racing XC mountain bikes, playing violin either solo or with a group, and love Backcountry Skiing while eating donuts. My motto: Give your competition a good fight, a hard race and a strong finish.

Adriana Boylan

From a young age I loved getting outside to downhill ski. While student teaching in Norway, I first learned how to cross country ski and enjoyed hit trips with friends and seeing the countryside. After moving to Bend in December, I found BEA through another coach. Teaching youth programs has been a blast and a shift from teaching full time in a classroom! When I’m not with BEA, I enjoy rock climbing, running, dancing, and playing music with friends. I’ve always believed, “may we be in a perpetual state of reinvention” and have enjoyed pushing myself athletically, especially climbing the last few years. Excited to spend time outside with you!

Chris Emme

I found out about BEA while working as a climbing guide in Australia. Contemplating a move to Central Oregon, BEA seemed like it would be a great outlet to help get kids outside, and it has been a great fit! When not coaching, I enjoy climbing, bikepacking, backcountry skiing and leading overseas trips for high school groups. The motto I aspire to live by is from Aldo Leopold, “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.”

Sherri Dean

I moved to Bend 4 years ago after 22 years in the tropics and dove into snow sports to acclimatize. Never looked back. I started with BEA after a chance encounter with Darragh – she asked, I said yes. Outside of BEA, I am a physical therapy tech and biomechanics geek who lives to get out and explore the peaks, trails, and trees around Central Oregon – run, walk, hike, or ski – preferably in the company of family or friends, and a dog or two. My motto is “Life is short, live it!”


Don Leet

I started cross country skiing in 1970 when I was on a snowshoe overnighter and a couple of skiers went by us on cross country skis. It looked fun and fast. I was there at the beginning of skating and have been at it ever since. Similarly, I’ve been with BEA from the beginning of its inception. In reality, I’m actually a cyclist who loves to ski. Fun, Fast, Safe is my motto.